Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry #1

Lonnie Pryor is a candidate for the National top 100, and is a lock to be in Scout.com's 250. As one of the top players in Florida for the 2009 class, there are several schools recruiting Pryor hard at this point in time. We're happy to say that we are going to track his recruitment in a special feature you can only find here on NoleDigest.

Lonnie Pryor is one of the most dynamic runners in the 2009 recruiting class. He grew up a big fan of the Seminoles, but has stated to NoleDigest through several interviews that he intends to go through the process. Pryor is going to be one of FSU's top tailback targets this upcoming year, and will be on of the most heavily recruited players in the state. NoleDigest is happy to announce that we're going to track Lonnie's recruitment in a "diary" this year. Each week Pryor will give us thoughts on what's going on in his recruitment, talks with coaches, thoughts on schools, and many other things.

In Pryor's first entry, he talks about some of the schools that he is really looking at, some of the coaches he talks to, why he is an FSU fan, and how he is as a student.

Entry No. 1

Right now my recruitment is going well. I hear from a lot of schools and it's cool. I'm looking at five schools right now, and these have caught my eye:

FSU: I've liked the team since I was little.
Florida: I met Meyer at their Junior Day and that was fun. I think it'd be fun to play in the swamp.
LSU: Another cool place to play. They run the ball a lot which I like.
Auburn: They are running school and they produce good NFL running backs. They run the ball a lot.
Clemson: Pretty much the same as LSU.

I get asked a lot why I like FSU so much. When you're young in Florida you choose a favorite team from the Big 3. I chose FSU because I liked Warrick Dunn and Bobby Bowden. I know Bowden may not be there if I go there. I really like Coach Tony P. there. I met him at a camp and we've become friends since. I call him every weekend. When I go there, he's always with me. Wherever I go he goes. I also talk to Coach Bowden when I go there. He talks to me about stuff which is cool. I talk to Dexter Carter a lot, and I just found out that Jimbo Fisher is going to be my recruiter. That's cool. I like him. One thing that always sticks out when I go there is they always say "Hey it's Lonnie Pryor"….I like how they know me there.

The coaches can't call me, so each week I call coaches from different schools. We talk about the basic stuff about how I'm doing in class, the weightroom and other stuff. I make sure I call someone different each week.

There's been talk about me committing early, but I plan on taking all 5 visits. I am going to take all of them to out-of-state schools. Whenever I want to see FSU, UF or USF, my coach can always drive me there. I want to take my time and go through this process and think about it.

With school I finally got my GPA to a 3.0. It was a 2.9 for a while. That's been a goal of mine. I'm taking my first year of Spanish and I've been practicing that a lot. School is cool because I get visitors a lot from coaches. I've taken the ACT and SAT, but my coach says I need to take them again. I'm going to start the clearinghouse process and look at taking these tests again soon.

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for Lonnie's next journal entry as we follow him as he goes through this once in a lifetime experience.

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