McFadden makes a visit to Florida State

Mat Drills at Florida State are legendary. They are thought to be part of one of the toughest training regiments in college football. Often time's former players will make it back to go through the training with the current players. Bryant McFadden stopped by FSU and took part of the drill, and NoleDigest caught up with him to get his thoughts on them and how his season went this past year.

Bryant McFadden currently plays for the Pittsburg Steelers. Drafted 62nd overall in the 2005 NFL draft, McFadden is one of the top up-and-coming corners in the league. With his season over, he is has now turned his focus to resting and getting ready to start training in a month or so. "You know the NFL is different than college. It's harder on the body, so I'm taking this chance to get my body back to being healthy. This is the time to let those bumps and bruises heal up," said McFadden.

Bryant often tries to make it back to Tallahassee to see what's going on with the program. Yesterday morning he showed up for the first day of mat drills. Even though he didn't do all of the drills, he still says it's tough, saying, "I did some drills to get some work in. I like to come back and help out some of the guys. It was good to be apart of it and to do some stuff. You can see the intensity there. Mat drills are very difficult to get through and they'll never be easy."

McFadden likes to come back to FSU to help out some of the guys

McFadden was a standout for the Seminoles. In high school he chose FSU over Miami, Michigan and Tennessee. He tells NoleDigest that enjoys making it back. "I try to get back here as much as I can. It's a good feeling like I said to help out and interact with some of these guys. This is something I like to be apart of. I chose FSU out of high school because I was comfortable there and they always had consistent success. Coach Bowden and Coach Andrews were there and I knew they weren't going to leave when I was in college. The atmosphere there is great and I just enjoy the city," stated McFadden.

The Steelers won the Northern division this past season, but saw their run end early in a playoff loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. For Bryant the season was still a success. He said, "We did pretty good this year as a team. A lot of people didn't think we could win the division. We made the playoffs, but we didn't go as far as we would've liked. But making the playoffs made it a successful season." With the off-season here Bryant plans on working hard to earn more playing time in hopes that he'll start next year. "My goal is to start next year, but mainly to just be a contributor to the team. I want to give the team a boost."

Florida State players have a great name in the NFL, especially at the skill positions. McFadden wants to make sure that he keeps that trend going. He said, "There's no question that FSU players have a good reputation. I want to keep that going on in the NFL for FSU. Every time we play someone I look to see who's from FSU. That gives us some bragging rights that we're doing well."

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