McGee: Growing up FSU was my favorite school

Brandon McGee is one of the top players in Florida for 2009. The Plantation High star plays quarterback in high school, but will most likely make a position move once he gets to the college level. NoleDigest caught up with McGee to talk recruiting and some of the schools that are sticking out to him at this point in his process.

Brandon McGee may be the top rated athlete in the 2009 class in the state of Florida. He plays quarterback for his Plantation team, as usually it is par for the course that team's best athletes in high school to play that position. After coming off a great performance at the Army All-American combine where he flashed his speed and overall ability, McGee has seen his recruitment pick up. "Recruiting has picked up for me. I have offers from FIU, FSU, USF, Wisconsin, Rutgers and Georgia. I am hearing a lot from Florida and Miami's been showing me more interest. It's really a long list of schools that I'm hearing from at this time," said McGee.

Growing up in Florida, kids often become fans of one of the traditional "Big-3". For McGee he grew up a fan of the Seminoles, but he tells NoleDigest that that won't play a part in his final decision, saying, "Growing up FSU was my favorite school. Since I was 8 I really liked them, but it won't have an effect on my decision. I like the program a lot and when I was really young Charlie Ward was there."

Like many of the schools pursuing Brandon, the Seminoles are looking at him as an athlete. There's been talk about him playing wide receiver for the Noles, but McGee wants to play where he can to get to the next level. "FSU is looking at me as an athlete/receiver like the other schools. They've mentioned using me like they use Preston Parker. Really it doesn't matter where I play. I want to play the position that's going to help me improve and get to the next level," stated McGee.

While talking to Brandon, he provided a list of five schools that he is looking at at this present time, and he mentions why he likes them:

Florida State: "I love the city of Tallahassee. That's number 1. They had an okay season this past year, but had a really bug recruiting class. I had a good relationship with John Lilly, so that has affected them a little bit. I do have a good relationship with Coach Fisher and Coach Amato, who is real cool and my primary recruiter. They're going to be strong for me, but I need to get there for some camps and visits to speak to the coaches."

Georgia: "We had a former player named Jeff Owens from my high school go there. He really likes it and tells me about the program. I like how the coaches always ask me about academics first. I've never been there but I am going this summer. I want to see if what Jeff has been saying is true."

Florida: "Another friend of mine goes there in Dustin Doe. We came up together and our grandparents are best friends. Me and Coach Gonzalez have a great relationship. Right now UF is an elite program."

USF: "They're an up-and-coming program. I can go there and make a lot of noise. Coach Scott has offered me as a quarterback, but said if I want to move positions they'll recruit me as a receiver or a defensive back."

Auburn: "They're a great program that's going to the spread offense. Coach Tuberville is a great coach and Auburn is a good name. It's a big program that I've liked as well. My cousin Christian Thompson is going there in the fall."

Brandon thought at one time he'd commit early, but he has since moved away from that. He's going to sit back and let the schools come in, and check out some camps over the summer. "I thought about committing early but now I am going to wait and the offers roll in. Right now whatever school likes me, I like. I plan on going to Florida and Georgia camps. I'll either go to FSU's camp or their Showtime if they have it this year. It just depends on my schedule," said McGee.

McGee, who is 6'1" and 180 pounds, ran a 4.38 forty at FSU's camp last summer. The speedy athlete is looking for a few things from the school that'll land his signature. He said, "I'm looking for camaraderie in the team, and depth chart is important. It's about exposure wherever you go. I want to make sure I can get out there and be known."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Brandon and the rest of the 2009 recruiting class.

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