Coach Stroud speaks with NoleDigest part II

Strength and Conditioning Coach Todd Stroud spoke with NoleDigest recently about a number of topics.

What is your training philosophy? (more emphasis on speed or strength)?

In this day and age you really have to be equally focused on both. There are certain phases of our program that are concerned with technique and pure power. Then when we get closer towards spring ball and move into April, we switch up to a three day lifting week with a five day a week program of speed, agility and quickness. Right now we want to increase strength for the most part but during different phases of the year we work everything in pretty equally.

What do you consider the most important part of the off season training period?

I would have to say the most important part would have to be the intangibles. It's more about things you don't really see by numbers or anything. One of the biggest things we want to increase is team chemistry and I think we've already started to do that. Leadership is another big thing we look for players to grow in. The things you look for more than anything else is definitely those things that you can't really measure but still have a big affect on the team.

Do you set goals for the players?

We set goals after each spring. We have a testing cycle the players will go through before they go home for spring break this way we have some initial numbers on all of the players. We really don't have any numbers on them besides the tests we ran on them last July. So we will compare their new numbers with the ones from last July to get a comparison and idea of the progression. Then once they go home for their small break over the summer we will sit down with each player and try to set some realistic tangible goals for when they get back so they know what we want them to accomplish over the summer. So most of the goals I set of them will be personal goals and then the coaches will go ahead and set team goals.

What is the biggest area you feel the team will need to improve on?

Definitely from the waist down. Really we need to get the entire body in better tune as far as the team as a whole, but definitely the waist down. In the past we really haven't been too focused on the numbers. Right now though, we really need to sell our program to the players if we really want it to take off the way it needs to for this team to get better. I think for this time of year, we really want to put the importance and the premium on the numbers. We need to make the players understand that the numbers definitely are important. This is the time of the year where a kid can be selfish and worry about his goals and where he is personally.

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