Coach Stroud speaks with NoleDigest part III

Strength and Conditioning Coach Todd Stroud spoke with NoleDigest recently about a number of topics.

Do you feel that you have an advantage over other S&C coaches because you were a position coach in the past?

At times it can be a handicap, but most of the time, I think it's very much a positive. It's a positive because I fell I am essentially a tenth coach working with the team. I've been a coach on almost every position on defense as well as a head coach. So, I can take everything that I've learned at all of those positions and work them into our strength and conditioning drills.

What are your thoughts about the team right now, and what are you looking forward to?

Like I've said, the intangible things are the things that excite me the most right now. I love seeing all of the positive attitudes around the locker room and the weight room this time of year looking forward to spring football and next season. I love seeing leaders spring out and we all love seeing a surprise player make it over the hump that we thought still had a little further to go. So far this off season, this team has had a very strong identity as far as character goes. We are doing the right things right now and that's a credit to the entire coaching staff and how the players are reacting to us.

Comment on Terrell Buckley being named to the assistant strength coach position.

I think it was a great addition. This gives us another guy with a conditioning background as well as an illustrious career as a player both in college and in the NFL who saw the importance to come back to school last semester and finish his degree. He is going to be a great role model for the kids and a great advisor to the player. It always helps when an athlete with football experience becomes a coach in the strength room which I see as a major positive. Now we have the front line and the back seven on defense covered so we're in pretty good shape right now. We just need to get some guys on the offensive end and we'll be in great shape.

How was your time been at Florida State so far?

It's been a breath of fresh air. It's obviously been a difficult time as far as us not being as successful as we would have liked to be. But I mean if everything was hunky dory, we wouldn't have been brought in here in the first place. It's a challenge but we're excited about getting the ship righted and sailing smooth again. The coaches upstairs have been some of the best that I've ever been around. They have really taken the steps to get us to the next level and the most recent display of that is how hard they hit the recruiting trail this past recruiting season as anyone can see. If you can have your recruiting in place and we can continue to get things done down here in the strength aspect, the coaches will get everyone ready to show up on Saturdays and we're definitely heading in that direction right now.

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