Copeland wants to learn more about FSU

Florida State is looking for several defensive tackles for the class of 2009. One of the names that have popped up early on their radar is Brandon Copeland from the Gilman School in Baltimore, MD. NoleDigest caught up with the talented tackle to talk about his recruitment and his thoughts on the Seminoles.

While Brandon Copeland doesn't have any offers right now, he's been hearing from several schools from across the nation. He says, "Recruiting is good right now. A bunch of schools have contacted me like Penn, Boston College, Virginia, and I am getting letters from schools like FSU, Michigan State and Louisville. Most of the schools right now are up north. Syracuse too has sent me letters and I've talked to them on the phone."

Copeland says that at this time he doesn't have any favorites, as he just grew up a fan of the game more than anything. He says now that he's been getting the mail and interest, he is going to start trying to contact schools. One school he wants to contact is Florida State. "I am considering them. I haven't been there before, but I've heard it's a nice campus and their program is one of the best. I don't know too much about them but they always have the good teams. When I started getting mail from them I got excited. I'm thinking about going down there on my spring break to check them out with one of my buddies. I may check out some more, but I plan on going to see FSU for sure," stated Copeland.

Brandon is a prospect that is still growing. Right now he is 6'2" and 260 pounds. He says that he's looking to trim down, and if all goes to plan, he'll be hitting a growth spurt soon. He said, "Right now I am trimming up and trying to add muscle. I've been working on my quickness because I am growing a lot. I've grown a few inches over the past few months. My granddad is 6'8", and he played for the Colts. He was telling me he was like me where I was the tallest kid when I was younger, and when people caught up, he hit another spurt towards the end of his junior year. I don't want to be 6'8" because that's real tall, but I wouldn't mind being 6'5"."

The position of defensive tackle is something new to Brandon. He filled in last year when some kids went down with an injury, and decided to stay after a few great performances. "I'm quick for my size," said Copeland. "I get off my blockers really well. I'm strong for my size, too. I think I shock people with that. I only played 2 games last year on defense. I need to work on my instincts and moves. I played offensive line leading up to that. I want to play that in college, so I am going to work on that."

While Copeland states that he has no favorites, he says that he has an idea of the schools he'd like to see offers from and more interest from. He stated, "I've been a fan of the northern schools like Virginia, Boston College, Penn State, Louisville and Maryland. I'd like to see more stuff from FSU, N.C. State and Virginia Tech. I plan on going to where the best fit is for me."

Even though Brandon doesn't have an idea of schools he really favors, he does know what he is looking for in a school. "I'm looking at the program overall. I want to see a school that has a real strong academic graduation rate. The program itself is important too," said Copeland.

Brandon is a prospect that is starting to see himself gain some recognition on the recruiting scene. In fact, last week he was contacted by Tom Lemming about being invited to possibly be a guy who'll be playing in the Army All-American game. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Brandon and the rest of the 2009 recruiting class.

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