Paul ready to put on a show this year

NoleDigest sat down with receiver Brandon Paul for an exclusive interview to talk about several topics including his transition from high school to college, the role he plans on playing for the football team next season and much more. See what he had to say!

What position will you be playing next season?

Brandon Paul-I am going to stay at Wide Receiver.

How are mat drills going?

BP-At first, they started off real hard. As the days go on though, they continue to get easier and easier. The more you get in shape, the more you get used to it.

Which older guys have showed you the most during the mat drills?

BP-Basically all of the older receivers. Greg Carr, Richard Goodman, and Preston Parker really.

What role do you see yourself playing for the team this year?

BP-Basically just a speed role. From offense to special teams I'm just looking to use my speed to help the team. I think I'm gonna end up playing a big role with that this season.

So can we expect to see a lot of you in the return game this year?


Have you seen any improvements this off-season as far as strength and speed?

BP-Both. Speed, strength, quickness and pretty much everything else. I think I've improved tremendously in everything from high school.

What is your fastest time in the 40 yard dash?

BP-My best 40 time is a 4.24.

What are your goals for next season- individually?

BP-Right now I just want to keep learning so by the time the season starts I can get through it mistake free. That's basically it. I just want to work hard and stay mistake free.

What is your current height and weight?

BP-5'9". 175 pounds.

How was it working with Coach Fisher and Coach Dawsey?

BP-It's been good. They make sure we always pay attention to detail. When we do something wrong, they make sure to tell us but they also compliment us when we do things right.

Is it easier playing for a guy like Coach Dawsey who has accomplished everything that all the receivers here would like to eventually?

BP-Definitely. He knows what we need to do to get where we want to go. All of us want to eventually go to the NFL and if we listen to him then it's a good possibility. He's a good coach but he's also a guy that will talk to you about more than just football. He will talk to us about life and religion and anything else.

Are you going to be running track for FSU?

BP-I'm thinking about it but right now I just want to focus on getting this football stuff down and getting ready for spring football. So I think I might just hold out this season and run track next year.

What can fans expect from Brandon Paul in the future?

BP-For the most part, just a good humble person who is going to work hard. And I want them to know that I'm gonna put on a show for them.

What player on offense or defense has impressed you the most- off-season and during the season?

BP- Antone Smith and Tony Carter. Also Patrick Robinson. They go hard in everything they do. Every single rep in mat drills and everything they just go hard. Those are what I call standout players. I see them work hard on the field and off the field.

Talk about working with Coach Stroud.

BP-He's a good person. He will push you to your limits in everything you do. He just wants you to do good and get stronger. He will joke around with you a lot but he can also be very serious. He just wants the best for everyone.

What number are you wearing next year?

BP-I made the switch to number 8.

Talk about your major at FSU.

BP-I'm a Sports Broadcasting major. I just like the whole aspect about talking about sports. What's better then sitting around and talking about stuff that you love to do?

How was your first year as a college football player?

BP-It was good. It was a big transition from high school to college. Now I'm out on my own so there's no parents' telling me what to do. Football has been a lot harder but for the most part I think it's been a good change.

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