Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry #3

This week we continue our feature with standout 2009 prospect Lonnie Pryor from Okeechobee, FL. In his latest entry Lonnie talks about the latest in his recruitment. Lonnie Pryor has seen offers pour in at a rapid pace recently. This week was no different. This week he talks about 3 of his latest offers, an update he did with a rival site-Gatorcountry, and what he did on his 18th birthday.

Entry No. 3

Recruiting has been going well for some time now. This week I got a few more offers from UCF, Tennessee and Miami. Here is what I like about each:

UCF: It was cool. I was there last week. It's an in-state school.

Tennessee: Coach Drayton is there from Florida. They called me Monday and told me I got the offer. I guess Coach Drayton told them about me. That was a cool offer.

Miami: This offer is crazy because I haven't talked to anyone there. I just got the offer from them. I think I have offers from every in-state school now.

I did an update with a Florida site this week. It was funny because the guy (Bob Redman) called me and asked me about why I like FSU so much and why don't I just commit. He asked me if there was any chance any school can take me away. I told him it was a 99.9% chance I'm going to FSU. He said was it even maybe 95%? I said no. He asked me if I wanted it in the update and I said it didn't matter. I'm not sure if he liked that too much.

He did ask me about the number of running backs FSU signed. I know they signed 3 last year, but it doesn't bother me.

I turned 18 last Friday. That was cool. I'm legal now. I went out to eat with my girlfriend, got some clothes and all that. We went out to the movies and saw some chick flick called Definitely Maybe. I wanted to see Jumper but I guess we'll save that for another time.

This week I talked to a few coaches. Coach Fisher and the coaches from FSU wished me happy birthday. All of them told me Happy Birthday. That was nice and I was happy I talked to them. I also talked to Les Miles from LSU on Monday. He was letting me know they haven't signed a back in two years and that they like me. He's trying to get me to come there in the spring to check them out.

Nothing really else went on this week. I registered to take the ACT last Thursday. Also I get my license this week so I am going to go by those Seminole flags to put on my truck.

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for Lonnie's next journal entry as we follow him as he goes through this once in a lifetime experience.

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