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During the season, Antwane Greenlee suffered what many thought would be a career ending injury to his neck. Greenlee sat down with NoleDigest to discuss his current status. In this exclusive interview he spoke about how he has worked his way back into shape, if he plans on being ready for spring practice and much more. You will only read this interview here!

How is your rehab going?

Antwane Greenlee It started off kind of slow because the coaches and trainers didn't really know what to expect. There were a lot of speculations that I would never be able to play again at first. I went to the doctor and there were talks about possibly getting surgery. As I started to get second and third opinions from other doctors, I realized I didn't have to go through everything we initially thought. So I just started working with the trainers here with new techniques to work my neck, because there's not too many ways to strengthen your neck. The trainers came up with different ways to work the neck and it's helped a lot so rehab has been coming along pretty well. I'm healthy, healed, cleared and ready to go.

Will you be practicing this spring?

AG - Yes. I will be participating in everything. Full contact and all.

How has mat drills been going?

AG – I think it was really rough at first. I really though it was gonna be a lot worse than it really it. Don't get me wrong; they're horrible. As time progress though, they get easier and we're all getting better at them.

Have you seen any improvements in your speed or weight?

AG – Well I haven't been timed yet with any more speed but I feel like I am getting better with that. I'm doing a good job maintaining my weight. Right now I'm about 305 pounds and that's where Coach Trickett wants me at. He doesn't want me at much more or much less.

What are your goals individually next season?

AG – Right now I'm just working on getting the starting right tackle position. That's where Coach has me at right now. Since I'm going to be a red-shirt freshman, I want to be a Freshman All-American.

Are you changing your number?

AG – I'm gonna wear number 70.

What is it like playing for Coach Trickett?

AG – It was really tough first coming in. He's a straight forward guy and he's gonna speak his mind. He will tell you exactly how he feels about everything. He's a hands on coach and an in your face type of guy. He's a real tough guy to play for. In the end of the day, you know he's there for you and he really does care about you and he only wants the best for you.

What is your max bench, squat?

AG – We haven't maxed out in a while but last time we did I was at 340 on the bench and 450 on the squat.

How does your body feel since the injury? Are you fully recovered?

AG – At first when we started working out I had a little tingling feeling but after progressing and getting back into shape all of that went away. Right now I'm back to normal. I feel 100% and haven't had any set backs.

What other offensive lineman have impressed you so far during the off-season?

AG – The first name that would come to mind is Rodney Hudson with all of the success that he had this year and he continues to work hard. Overall I think Evan Bellamy has impressed me the most. He's come around from a guy that coach didn't really see playing much in the offense to a guy now who has been working really hard in the weight room, getting stronger and faster every day.

Which returning defensive lineman gave you the most trouble?

AG – Everette Brown. He's a tough guy. He comes hard every single day. He could have decided to leave for the NFL this year but chose to come back so he can get better and get drafted earlier. He's gonna make some noise this year.

How is school going?

AG – I'm enjoying school overall. I only have four classes this term so I can really focus on getting good grades. There have been a lot of changes to academics and tutoring so there's a lot more pressure on us to go to class and go to tutoring. My grades have really picked up since all of the new rules.

What's your major?

AG – Right now I'm a Criminology major. It's not set in stone yet but I think I will keep it at that. I was thinking that I could possibly do some FBI type work or something similar if football doesn't work out for me.

What have you done to try to improve as a player?

AG – Working on all of the little stuff. I hurt my neck as you know and Coach Trickett thinks because of that I really need to work on getting better with my hands and making them quicker, so right now that's one thing I'm really working on. So I do a lot of workouts to help with my grip strength and everything. I do a lot of work with punching bags too. I just want to have great hands so I can limit the work I have to do with my head and neck.

What makes you such a good recruiting host?

AG – It's kind of Coach Trickett's thing. He feels that if you get hurt in the regular season, then you kind of owe it to the team to make up for it in recruiting to host as many recruits as possible. So I mean I had a recruit every weekend for about six or seven weekends straight. I started getting used to having guys here and I just wanted to tell them the truth about everything. I wouldn't want anybody to lie to me in the process so I just told them exactly what is going to happen if they come here and what to expect. I made sure that they knew we are a program back on the rise and if they don't come play for us, they will get beat by us.

Which recruit do you feel you played the biggest role in bringing to FSU?

AG – Zebrie Sanders. He came down and I hosted him that weekend. He really enjoyed his time with me and all the guys. He had a chance to spend a lot of time with the few offensive linemen we still have here and he really enjoyed it.

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