Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry #4

This week we continue our feature with standout 2009 prospect Lonnie Pryor from Okeechobee, FL. In his latest entry Lonnie talks about the latest in his recruitment. This week he Lonnie got a little bit of a break from the recruitment thing, and he talks about how this past week has been for him.

Entry No. 4

Nothing really went on this week. Nothing really big happened.

On Wednesday we had a track meet. I ran the 4x100, the 4x400 and the open 400. Our 4x100 team sucked because we didn't have the guys who normally run it. Our team won the 4x400. I don't remember the time. I won the open 400 with a time of 52 seconds.

I had another meet on Saturday. It was the biggest meet I have ever been to. There were 20 schools there and it was in Port St. Lucy, FL. We didn't take the whole team to it. The meet was based on times where the best time won. Our 4x400 team won. We dropped our time down like 10 seconds. It was cool. I ran the open 400 but I didn't win that. The whole thing was a fun time.

This week I did some interviews with some other sites. Max Preps called. That was interesting. They were asking funny questions with all these scenarios and what ifs. They were just funny, crazy questions.

I also talked to a guy from another site for an update. He was a national type guy. At the end he asked me if there was something he could do. I told him yeah, and I said right now I am ranked 84th, and was there a way he could get me in the top 10 (laughs). I think I am a top 10 player. He said with offers I have it shouldn't be a problem.

Sunday was kind of busy. I called some coaches. Coach Mack from Wake Forrest and Coach Grand from Auburn are who I talked to. I called Coach Fisher and left a message and I plan on trying Coach Carter later. Coach Mack and I have a good relationship. He was asking me more about my family and stuff. Coach Grand was talking about getting me up there for their spring game. He was telling me how they have three running backs and two are hurt.

Also I cooked for my girlfriend for the first time. She wanted some potatoes, so I made her some potatoes. My sister had to help me, but I did most of it myself. I cut them up, fried them and she ate them up. I think she liked them because she ate most of it.

Otherwise, it was kind of a slow week. I'll be up in Tampa on the 8th for USF's Junior Day.

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