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Ben Axon is a running back from Manatee High School in Bradenton, FL. At almost 6'3" and 190 pounds, Axon has the size college coaches are looking for in their running backs. NoleDigest caught up with the talented prospect to talk recruiting and to get his thoughts on Florida State.

Ben Axon plays for one of the top high school programs in all of Florida. The talented running back is coming off a junior campaign that saw him rush for over 1,000 yards and 20 touchdowns. Recruiting has been picking up for him recently, as he is up to 5 offers. "I've gotten offers from Florida State, USF, South Carolina, Clemson and West Virginia. I'm hearing a lot from Florida, Auburn, Louisville, Iowa, UCF and those kinds of school," stated Axon.

As it stands right now, Ben likes the 5 schools that have offered him, but 3 of them are catching is eye more than the other two. He says, "Right now I'd say my top 3 are FSU, South Carolina and Clemson. I like the depth chart at running back at FSU. There are not a lot of guys coming back next year. I know they recruited 3 last year, but some may not make it. The same with South Carolina and Clemson. The coaches from South Carolina have been telling me that they have very little depth and that I could come in right away and contribute and maybe even start."

Being that coaches are still limited in their contact with recruits, Axon has not gotten a chance to speak with the coaches from FSU. They've spoken to his coaches, though, and he knows what they think of him. "They saw my film and really liked me. I haven't gotten a chance to talk to them myself, though, so I am going to call this week and see if I can," said Axon.

If all goes to plan, Axon will be in Tallahassee on the 21st of March for a visit. He intends on coming up to get a chance to speak to the coaches and check out the school as a whole. He said, "I like the program. I know they are going through some changes, so I want to get the chance to get to know the coaches and the staff better. On the 21st I am going up to Tallahassee for an unofficial visit. It's going to be like a Junior Day type deal. Hopefully the coaches will be able to share info because I'll be on campus and stuff. I'm hoping I get a chance to talk to them. I want to see what's up and get the hang of things there to see if I am interested or not."

Ben is a taller running back with great footwork and vision. He feels that is what makes him stand out and allows him to be the playmaker he has turned into. "I think my ability to make plays makes me stand out," expressed Axon. "I have great vision and footwork and I just make things happen. I'll do whatever it takes to win. Like every back at this level I need to work on my blocking. That's average right now. I feel I have all the tools to play running back besides that."

According to Ben he plans on taking all 5 of his visits. He feels that is the smart thing to do as it will allow him to better determine that school that fits the criteria he is looking for. He tells NoleDigest, "I'm looking for playing time, location and education. I don't want to go somewhere and sit for 4 years and only get one year to play. With location it may best to get away from home. I think it's the smart thing to take all 5 visits because I'm not going to be influenced. I want to take this in myself. Once I get all the offers, I'll look at the depth charts and the relationships with the coaches and determine who I visit."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Ben and the rest of the 2009 recruiting class.

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