Catching up with El Camino Duo

Corey Surrency and Tavares Pressley were two of FSU's top targets for the 2008 recruiting class. Landing the JUCO All-American teammates was a major accomplishment for the Noles'. Now the coaching staff is just waiting for Surrency & Pressley to get to FSU in the summer. NoleDigest caught up with the tandem to see how they have been doing and to find out when they're going to be in Tallahassee.

Corey Surrency and Tavares Pressley were JUCO All-Americans this past fall for their El Camino team. Florida State was able to beat out some of the top school in the nation for the signatures of the standouts. Now the coaches and fans are waiting to see if they will make the grade and arrive at Florida State in June. According to them, all systems are a go at this time. For Corey, he just can't wait to get to FSU.

"Everything is going good. I've been bored out here not playing football. I'm ready to leave California and El Camino and get to Florida State. This is what I've been waiting for since I came out here. Now it's close. I'm ready to just get out of here and make a new life in Tallahassee."

There is no doubting the talent that Corey will bring to the Seminoles. He was rated a 5-star receiver on, and physically is one of the most impressive wideouts the Seminoles have gotten in quite some time. The question with Corey has always been will he qualify. Right now, things are clearing up.

"School is going okay. I'm on pace to get out of here in June and get to FSU. I'm taking an astronomy class right now that I have to take that's kind of tough. I have time though to work on it. I should be okay as long as I keep on track and remain focused. The worst case scenario is that I get there (FSU) in July. I don't think it's going to happen, but I just wanted to put that out there so people can now what's going on. June has been my target and I am on track."

Since the end of the football season, Corey has kept most of his focus on getting his grades in order. One Seminole coach that has been on top of things is offensive coordinator and future head coach Jimbo Fisher.

"I've been talking to Coach Fisher a few times a week. He says the same stuff about staying on track, keeping focused and getting to FSU. Most of our conversations are him just keeping in touch with me and checking up to make sure I'm doing what I need to do. I really appreciate that and know I have his support."

With the focus on academics Corey has spent most of his time on his studies, but makes sure he completes the tasks in the weightroom. He feels that it's important to stay in shape while gets his grades squared away.

"I've been working out some, but I'm mainly working on the school stuff. I want to make sure I do business there first. I'm 212 pounds right now, but my goal is to get to around 225 when I fall comes. I know I'll get there."

While it looks like Corey has a little more work to do to get to Florida State, he should be able to get the job done. With Tavares, his path is a little clearer. He's taking in his last semester at El Camino in stride as he waits to realize a life goal in June.

"Everything is going really well. School is good, I'm good. I'm good to go and I will be leaving here in June. I just have to finish up these last few classes this semester, and then I'm on my way to being an FSU player."

Tavares and Corey are roommates, so they spend a lot of time together. Like Corey, Tavares has grown bored of his time in El Camino, but knows his time there is almost complete.

"It's been boring sitting out here not playing football. You know, that's why I am here along with school. I'm ready to head back to Florida and get closer to home. My parents are very excited that I'm going to be closer to home. I'm just excited that I'll be at FSU."

Tavares is arguably the top running back recruit for FSU in the 2008 class. He has excelled on the high school and JUCO level, and hopes that success will transfer to FSU. Coach Fisher often tells Pressley how important of a recruit he is, and that he'll be depended on in the upcoming season.

"I spoke to Coach Fisher recently. With the depth and everything they need me to come in and be ready to contribute. He is depending on both me and Corey to come in and be ready to go. That is something I know we are both looking forward to."

With everything almost wrapped up for Tavares, he's been working with his former coaches getting ready to play. He's been hitting the gym hard, too, and hopes to gain some weight before he dons the Seminole uniform.

"There's no doubt I'll be there in June. I am ready to go, and I have been working with my old receiver coach doing drills and working out. I'm around 212 pounds now, and I am trying to get to a playing weight of 220. I've also gotten faster, too, and think I am a consistent 4.3 guy. It's all about patience now."

Both Corey and Tavares share the same thoughts and expectations. They want to help bring Florida State back among the elite in college football.

Corey said, "I'll make it in June. I have to. I'm ready to get to FSU and make it happen and help get them to where they should be. They better be ready." Tavares shares the same excitement, saying, "I can't wait. I've been waiting for this since I can remember. I've done the work now to get there, so I'm biding my time until June comes. I will help the Noles get back."

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