Spring Practice Preview: OL

Florida State fans saw marked improvement from the offensive line last season. The turnaround under offensive line coach Rick Trickett has been amazing, so many expect his second year to be better. The depth is being added, but some of the players who'll see time in the fall will not arrive until June. This spring look for the coaches to find more depth during the spring.


62 Rodney Hudson 6-2 283 SO: Hudson was the find of the 2007 recruiting class. He came in and dominated from day 1, earning All-ACC honors and numerous mentions on All-American freshman teams. Look for him to add to the developing belief that he may be one of the best linemen FSU has had.

78 Josh Tate 6-5 310 SO: Tate is a walk-on, but is a guy who Trickett traditionally builds upon. Look for him to get major reps, and if all goes well, go into the fall as a back-up.

What to expect: Hudson has every shot to be an All-American in 2008. The other guys behind him will be fighting for the second team spot. Also, look for Hudson to work some at guard.


71 Evan Bellamy 6-4 296 r-SO: Evan has responded very well to the new coaching staff. He has worked very hard and has showed marked improvement as he's gained playing time. His first go around was tough, but late in the year he was a guy who shocked a lot of people. Look for Bellamy to lock up a spot on the offensive line this spring.

66 Jacob Stanley 6-2 237 SO: Stanley fits what will be a reoccurring theme for the spring in that the line will see some walk-ons getting a ton of reps. Trickett knows what is looking for, so if Stanley fits the bill, look for him to contend going into the fall.

What to expect: A name not mentioned has been Randall Cox. If he is at FSU look for him to make an impact and push for playing time.


60 Ryan McMahon 6-3 274 SO: Much like Hudson, McMahon proved the coaches right in moving over from the defensive side of the ball. Look for McMahon to keep building on last year. This position is on lockdown.

63 A.J. Ganguzza 6-3 269 r-FR: Ganguzza is a guy the coaches will look at to provide depth at both center and possibly guard. He is a big, agile kid that Trickett looks for. Look for A.J. to take this spring to learn through game reps and situations. He must come out of spring ready to contribute in the fall.

What to expect: With the position pretty much locked up with McMahon, Ganguzza must show the coaches that he is an able body who will be ready to play in the fall. He has worked hard since taking a redshirt, now he must show it on the field.


75 Will Furlong 6-5 262 r-FR: Will Furlong was a guy who came in under the radar in 2007, but shows all the tools that will allow him to follow the footsteps of Hudson and McMahon. A little light, Furlong must use the spring to continue to add weight going into the fall.

57 Brandon Davis 6-2 272 FR: Davis is another player that has responded well to the new coaches. He is making the move from center, so look for him to learn the duties of the guard in the zone blocking scheme. Davis will be a depth guy when spring is out.

What to expect: Furlong must come out of spring showing he is ready to go. With one side locked up with Hudson, right guard is the best spot for Will to make an impact. If he works like he has been since arriving, FSU should be able to find another starting lineman. In the fall, look out for David Spurlock.


76 Daron Rose 6-5 299 JR: Rose started or played in every game last fall. He's been one of the primary targets of Trickett's coaching, but he has all the tools to be a great tackle. For him it is mental, as he often makes the little costly mistakes. Rose must work on strength this spring.

70 Antwane Greenlee 6-6 302 r-FR: Greenlee is the sleeper coming into spring. Before the neck injury he was showing great promise that he can be a major contributor to the team. He's now medically cleared and ready to go. Expect a slow start from Greenlee as he will be getting back, but by the end of the spring Greenlee should be one of the top linemen on the team.

What to expect: If Rose isn't ready, Greenlee will out work him and earn the starting spot heading into the fall. This should be one of the most heavily contested position battles this spring. When fall comes, look for Zebrie Sanders and Andrew Datko to make some noise.

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