Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry #6

In this week's diary entry, Lonnie Pryor talks about his latest offers and a camp he went to this weekend. Also, he talks about his plans to visit his favorite school sometime soon. This feature can only be found on NoleDigest.

Entry No. 6

This week the only offer I got was from Duke. I know the coaches there from when they were at Tennessee. Coach Luke moved there when their offensive coordinator became the head coach. I called him just to see what was up. He was telling me that even though they're at Duke, they are going to come after me still.

I talked to some other coaches from other schools. Of course I spoke to Tony P. from FSU. I always call him each week we always talk about other stuff than football because we are friends. Coach Scott from Clemson was another coach I called. I am going up there this summer, and he was telling me how they can't wait for me to get up there.

This past weekend at was at the FBU camp. It's called Football University camp, and it was at UCF. We registered Friday and did drills and one-on-ones Saturday and Sunday. I did well. I think I pretty much dominated. I spent most of my time with Adaris Bellamy, who is committed to USF. We just clowned around and stuff like that. We had a good time. In the one-on-ones with the linebackers I caught all the passes and broke off a couple dudes. There were some NFL people there and they evaluated us after. They said I have a great attitude and have the skills. They said I need to just keep training. It was good to hear that from them.

I haven't been to a track meet in like 2 weeks because of the football stuff I've been doing. Tuesday I have a meet, so I hope I can do well and help the team.

I had planned on going to FSU's spring game on April 12th, but I can't now because I am taking the ACT that day. The ACT was originally scheduled for the 1st, but it got moved. I really wanted to make the trip and was set to go. I am going to reschedule the visit up there and try to get there soon.

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