Parks Looks to Contribute Early

Less than 6 months ago, freshman cornerback Terrance Parks was finishing up his career as a high school football player. He now finds himself on campus at Florida State University going through spring practice against much tougher competition. He is starting to settle in, but knows he still has a long way to go before he can make a serious impact.

Not many recruits get a chance to enroll early knowing they will have a chance to make an immediate impact. For Terrance Parks, he is one of those rare players who will have a chance to do so. "Everything's going good for me right now" Parks said, "I'm still trying to learn the system and get used to the speed of the game. The scrimmages have been going good so far. I'm just trying to take everything I learn in practice and incorporate into them."

One huge advantage of being an early enrollee is the chance to work with athletes who have already played at the collegiate level before fall practice even starts. Parks is planning on using this spring to adjust to the differences as soon as possible. "The speed of the game and the athletes are a lot bigger and stronger than they were in high school. Its nothing I can't adjust to though. It just takes time."

When it comes to his personal goals for this spring, Parks makes them very clear. "Get my body right for college football and get a chance to play early. I know I have all the tools in my game once I learn all the reads and everything but I want to make sure I can hang physically."

In Parks first full scrimmage, he recorded an interception that he credits to the help from some of the more experienced players in Florida State's secondary. "All the older defensive backs have been real helpful; especially Tony Carter and Patrick Robinson. When I'm not really sure what's going on, I know they will help make sure I'm in the right place and everything."

Parks will be expected to contribute early as Florida State will be playing very thin on the defensive side of the ball for the first three games next season. If he continues to grasp the defensive schemes and manages to adjust to how physical the college game is, Parks could quickly work himself into the rotation and see big minutes his entire freshman season.

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