Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry #7

Lonnie Pryor has been a busy man recently, as he's participated in numerous track meets and a 7-on-7 tournament in Tampa this past weekend. NoleDigest caught up with him for his latest diary entry, where he talks about what's been happening off and on the field. Lonnie had some interesting things to say this week.

Diary Entry

Last week wasn't very busy for me. I ran a few track meets, running the 400, the 4x400 and the 200 for the first time. I think I did alright. I won the 400, but I don't remember my time in the 200.

With recruiting, last week nothing really special happened. I didn't call any coaches because I was so busy with school, track and my girlfriend. It was her 18th birthday, so we went up to Orlando for the weekend. We went to Islands of Adventure, played miniature golf and just hung out. That was a really good time.

This week has been a lot busier, though. This past Wednesday cameras from Sunshine Network were following me around because I was selected for a show they are doing for the top players in the state for next year. It was very cool. I don't know when it's going to be on TV, but they followed me around at school and even were at my track meet. I felt like I had to do well because they cameras were on me the whole time. My teammates were like, Lonnie, the cameras are on you, and so you better step up. I won the 400 in 51.8 seconds and got a gold medal for that. In the 200 I got second.

I had a really good time at the 7-on-7 in Tampa this past weekend. There were some really good players there; really good players. I think I did pretty well. I didn't play running back because it really wasn't needed, so I played wide receiver and free safety. My team lost in the first round of the tournament, so I didn't get a chance to really play too much. But it was a good time. The guy who really stood out to me was Aaron Murray. That kid can throw the ball.

I wore a Florida State hat to the event. People were asking me if I was committed and stuff, but I told them I am just chilling. One of the USF coaches I spoke to after on the phone told me he heard I was wearing an FSU hat there. I told him yeah, it's my favorite hat and my favorite team.

With recruiting nothing new has been going on. A guy from a Nebraska website called me saying I had an offer and wanted to do an update. I didn't even know I had one. I also didn't know I had an offer from Georgia. My coach and I were going over the list when I found out. With them, it's another running school that I'll check out.

This coming weekend my coach and I are flying to LSU to check out the campus and watch their spring game. I am excited because LSU is a school I am looking at. They run the ball a lot and are a good program. I've heard its nice and a big university. I just want to get a feel for what's going on there.

I spoke to some coaches this week. One guy that I had an interesting conversation with was Urban Meyer. I called him up to see what was going on, and he asked me if I was coming to their spring game. He said it was the same day as Florida State's, and he asked me if I was coming to theirs. I said no, and that I was going to FSU's spring game. He was like there are going to be 65 players at UF's spring game, and asked if I really was sure I wanted to go to FSU over Florida. I was like yes, coach, I am going to FSU's spring game. After I got off the phone my coach asked me if I just told Urban Meyer I was going to FSU over UF, and we started laughing. It was just funny.

I called up Coach P from FSU like always, and I tried Coach Fisher again. I left him a funny message telling him he was hurting my feelings because he didn't answer again. They can't call me yet, so I will keep trying. I also tried Coach Carter and left a message. I'll see them on the 12th, so I will be spending a lot of time with them then.

I also called coaches from LSU, Wake, Auburn, Clemson and USF. I get asked if I'm swaying with my 99.9% comment, and I tell people I'm not. I'm 99.9% on FSU, but I just want to check out these other schools, you know.

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