Hudson Ready to Lead

Freshman lineman Rodney Hudson won earned all sorts of honors after a stellar first year for the Seminoles. He took the time after practice to talk to NoleDigest about his plans for spring and what he expects in the future out of his unit.

The Seminoles are halfway through spring practice now and for standout offensive lineman Rodney Hudson, he would like the unit to be a little further along. "We got a lot of work to do. We're gonna be young up front but if we just use our technique that Coach Trickett is teaching us and if we keep working hard we'll be alright."

Although the team will be extremely young up front, Hudson isn't worried about the youth hurting the line as long as they listen to Coach Trickett. "If we just do what coach tells us and if we keep working as a unit of 5 up front, then I'm not too worried about anything."

When it comes to the line being so young, Coach Trickett will be looking to Hudson for leadership even as a true sophomore. "He looks for me to be a leader. I try to motivate the other guys whenever I can you know? Like when we all get tired I try to make sure I push everyone through it."

Hudson has already been working hard trying to help other guys along and says he has really noticed a difference so far. "Everyone's work ethic has really impressed me. Wee look a lot better now than we did back in the season." Hudson said, "Will Furlong has just really impressed me. He looks like a totally new guy out there."

Coach Trickett has called Rodney Hudson his best offensive lineman several times throughout this past season. Hudson says he has worked hard to get where he is at and credits extremely hard workers on the other side of the ball to his success. "Everette Brown is the toughest guy I go up against every day. He's just a beast. When I see him out there doing his thing I'm not surprised at all because I have to put up with it every day."

Hudson will continue to lead the offensive line finishing up this spring and heading into the fall. Although one of the youngest players on the team, Coach Trickett still considers him the most important player on offense right now. Look for Hudson to continue to hold his own up front while the offensive line should look drastically better this season.

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