Chatting With Greg

FSU tailback Greg Jones made his first appearance at practice Wednesday after learning two days earlier his season is over with a torn ligament in his right knee. Don't worry about Greg though. He's in good spirits and says he's already looking forward to next season. "Everything happens for a reason. I'll just come back next year and get my knee stronger and be ready for next year, that's all," Jones said.

How are you feeling about all of this? Are you feeling pretty down right now?

I'm not down, more disappointed than down. Everything happens for a reason. I'll just come back next year and get my knee stronger and be ready for next year, that's all.

Did you look back and regret going back in?

Nah, nah. If I had to do it again, I would probably go back in. That's just wanting to play the game. It happens to everybody. I guess it was just meant to be. You can't avoid it. It's part of the game. It just happens.

Did you want to go back in even after you hurt it?

Yeah, yeah. Hey, you can't change some things. You wish you can, but you can't. It happened, now you make the best of it and go ahead and correct it and go from there.

What have guys like Anquan and Robert told you?

Just that you're going to have those times when it's going to hurt real bad and you're not going to feel like doing anything, but you have to fight through it. Just rehab. You have to rehab hard. And if you do everything they ask you to do -- you see where they are right now.

Were you wearing that brace for most of the game after you got hurt the first time?

I was wearing the brace. (After this interview was over, Jones said he actually took off the brace and replaced it with a support sleeve.)

Any thought of using your redshirt year next year?

I haven't really thought about it. I just know it's basically going to take nine months. So, in nine months I'll be back for two-a-days ready to go again. Hopefully, I'll have another good year and be able to do all the things coaches ask me to do to be successful.

You were having such a great year. How seriously were you thinking about going pro?

Not that seriously. The only time I really thought about it was when people came up to me and asked me about it. The thought did cross my mind, but it wasn't really in front of me. I was always saying I was coming back another year, so here I am and I'll be back for sure next year.

What about the field. Nick Maddox said he thought the field was real loose.

I think the field is terrible. The last time we went there, a bunch of people got hurt. This time, I got hurt and Talman (Gardner) got hurt and Montrae Holland got hurt. If you really look at the field, it's terrible. But you can't change it. That's the way they like it up there.

How severe was that first time you went down?

It was a bruise. It was just a little bruise. The second time, I knew something was wrong because my knee gave out and it's never done that before.

So you don't think you tore something the first time?

No, the first time it felt normal. It was just a bruise. But the second time, my knee gave out. I knew something had to happen for it to give out like that.

Is this your first time being around the team since then?

Yeah, basically since Saturday. I just wanted to come out here -- I miss it and I wanted to see what's going on. I wish them luck this weekend and I know they are going be successful for the rest of the season.

Are you going to Atlanta Saturday for the Georgia Tech game?

Not on these crutches. It's too much hopping around for me. I'll just catch them back at homecoming.

How hard is to to watch practice right now?

It's real difficult seeing the guys practicing hard -- you know, talking trash and cracking jokes and being competitive. It makes you want to be out there and you can't. It's tough. Real tough. I will be alright though.

Have many people reached out to you to encourage you?

A lot of sympathy calls on campus. A lot of people telling me how sorry they are for me. I'm going to be alright. I'm going to survive. I'll be back next year and hopefully have another good year next year.

Most people in your position would be really upset about all this.

I feel like everything happens for a reason. It happened, so something good has got to come out of it. I look at it like this, it can't get much worse.

Did Randy Oravetz say it would help to lose some weight?

Yeah, he told y'all that. He really didn't tell me that yet (laughing). I really don't know about that yet. That's what I heard him say.

What's your timetable for starting rehab?

The swelling has gone done really fast, more than what is expected. So hopefully soon.

How has your family reacted?

My mom is more worried about it than I am. It's like it happened to her. She's calling me every day to make sure I'm ok. I think my family is going to come here for Thanksgiving. That will be nice.

Did you have surgery on that knee in high school?

I tore my muscle from my knee cap and they re-attached it. It wasn't anything major. It was the same knee.

Have you spoken with Nick Maddox?

We've been talking. He called me on Monday when he heard the news. We talked that night. He's been reaching out to me. It has beengood. I can't lie -- I have been down. All this stuff about what could have been -- it's been tough. But it's alright. I will be alright."

This offense has some holes to fill. Can this group handle these changes?

This group can handle it. You come here, you are one of the best. That's why you come to Florida State, to be able to compete. I think they can do it. Other people may not think they can do it, but once you see the outcome (Saturday) everyone will know.

Is Adrian McPherson the spark this offense has been missing? Or is it simply a matter of this group finally coming together?

I think it's matter of us coming together. It has been waiting to happen and I think it's starting to happen right now.

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