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Last week NoleDigest caught up with Myron Rolle to get his thoughts on how his spring has been going, and to talk about his expectations for the Seminoles in 2008. This week he speaks to NoleDigest about the fantastic things he is doing off-the-field, explaining that he will be having a very busy, educational and intriguing summer.

When Myron Rolle was being recruited by the majority of colleges his senior season, one aspect that was extremely important to him was the academic side of things. He mentioned throughout his process that not only is he a football player, but he is above all else a student-athlete pursuing his educational goals. While some raised an eyebrow at his decision to attend Florida State over perceived better institutions like Michigan, Penn State and Florida, Myron has taken the ball and ran with it since he stepped on campus in the spring of 2006.

"School is going very well. I have a 3.8 GPA and I plan on finishing my undergraduate degree in the summer. I got inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa which is a national leadership honor society. I'm taking the GRE this spring, and I am starting grad school here at Florida State in Public Administration this fall. I want to start it, as it's a 2 semester deal."

Myron's excellent performance in his pre-med program has allowed him to be recognized as a student with a ton of potential in the medical field. He's already studied abroad and been recognized for his academic achievements, and recently he was awarded a much cherished award called the Undergrad Research and Creative Activities Award. In order to increase the opportunities for undergraduates to participate with faculty mentors in professional activities outside the classroom, the College of Arts & Sciences has established a Research and Creative Activities Award program. This program recognizes academic excellence and potential for research and creative activities and provides undergraduate students with opportunities for hands-on research or creative activities experience with faculty from the College. This award is going to provide Myron with his first real glimpse into the research side of medicine. "I recently won the Undergrad Research and Creative Activities award. It's a $4,000 payment for research I'm doing with my chemistry teacher this summer. We will be looking at human metastalic stem cells and cancer cell, where we look at the metabolism of each and see if we can inhibit one of the enzymes in the process to see if we can help with cancer research and stuff like that. It should be a very interesting project. Its research and it is a different part of medicine that I haven't been exposed to yet. I was thinking I want to do more clinical practice, in a hospital working with patients. The research side of medicine is also intriguing, and I can't rule it out until I've actually experienced it. That's why I am doing it this summer; to see if it is something I am interested in."

One of Myron's goals since coming to Florida State has been gaining the title of being a Rhodes Scholar. Not only will he be working in the research labs at Florida State, but he is also taking part in an active role with the Seminole tribe of Florida. According to Rolle, this will get him closer to achieving to goal of becoming a Rhodes Scholar.

"In this summer I am going to be working with the Seminole tribe of Florida on a health initive to fight diabetes and obesity with the youth. It's going to be in conjunction with Florida State University. President T.K. Weatherall wanted me to help out with it, and considering I am pre-med and interested in science and health and medicine, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to help. Right now it is in the research phase of that process. I'll know more as it continues." Myron talks about the tie-in to the prestigious Rhodes scholarship.

"I am trying to pursue a Rhodes scholarship, and I think with the interest in medicine and public service it fits together (working with the Seminole tribe). I work with the Office of National Fellowships often, and one thing they brought to me was that, in order to expand you and continue to work on the body of work for the Rhodes Scholarship, I need to do this to be a viable candidate to apply for the scholarship. President Wetherell brought it up to them, they presented it to me, and I picked it up and ran with it. I called the leader of the health clinic of the tribe in Immokalee, FL and we set it up. I am going to talk to the professionals here at FSU in the medical program and in Tallahassee to help me devise a program to fight diabetes and obesity. The tribe, they are not poor people, as they are very very wealthy. But, heath can be improved. With my love and infinity for it I feel like I can do some good."

Myron's off-the-field stuff isn't relegated to the classroom. Often times many men on college campuses make the decision to join a fraternity on campus. While Myron is entering the last semester of his senior season in the classroom, he felt it was a good time to go ahead and join up.

"I joined a fraternity named Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. I wanted to see what the different organizations were like on campus here. I didn't want to join one because the colors were cool and they threw the best parties. I wanted to see how the men of the fraternity interacted with each other and the community, and to see if they were achieving. The fundamental purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi is achieving, and when I saw how they carries themselves I liked it. A former teammate of mine, Robert Hallback, is a Kappa, and he helped me through the process, guiding me and just crossing me over. I really thank him for that."

Earlier this year Sports Illustrated ran an excellent article on the Rolle family, and their influence on sports across the United States. 60 minutes caught wind of the article, and they have contacted Myron about doing a follow-up to that feature with their own twist.

"60 minutes wants to do a story on me where they follow up on an SI article they did on the Rolle family. They are going to take Antrel, Samari, Brian and myself to Exuma to talk about being from the Bahamas, and to tell our story. That is something I am really looking forward to."

Myron with Samari in AC

Myron is a good player on the field, but off of it he is an even better student and person. Like many people have discussed, Myron came to Florida State in the midst of their 7 year struggle, and has done nothing but become the face and role model of the program. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Myron as we track his progress during a busy summer and into the 2008 season.

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