Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry #8

Last week Lonnie Pryor made an unofficial visit to LSU to check out the school and to watch the Tigers spring game. In his diary entry this week, Pryor talks about his visit and his plans to make a visit to Florida State in the very near future.

Diary Entry #8

My visit to LSU this past week was really fun and it was a blast. I flew up there and was able to meet the coaches and see the campus. Charles Scott showed me everything, from the football stuff to the dorms and all the spots.

I was able to meet Coach Porter, the running backs coach, for like 20 minutes. I also got to speak to Les Miles. He came up to me and was like Lonnie, give me your hands. He took my hands and said I am the guy they want. That was really cool to hear that.

LSU's academic center is the best I have ever seen. I've been to a lot of schools and it is the nicest. I got to see the campus, and it is nice. I saw how the classes, restaurants and places to eat are really close together and convenient. I saw the indoor practice facility, which was cool.

Overall it was a great visit. The food was good, and it was pretty much more than I expected. I am going to take an official there when they play Georgia. They're right there now with Florida State. I was just there for so long and had a good time. FSU is #1 and LSU #2, and there is a difference between them and the rest of the schools.

I want to give a special shout-out to 2 of my hostesses. Johanna Trees and Sherry Magnum were my main hostesses, and they are the head ones at LSU. They heard I was doing this diary and said how the coaches and everyone get recognized, but they don't. I told them I'd give them a special shout here in my diary.

I am going to FSU for their spring game this weekend, and I probably will line up my official visit when they play Florida in November. I am excited to get back there and check out the team.

As of right now I think I'll be making my officials to FSU, LSU, Clemson and Auburn. The 5th is up in the air. As this keeps going it may change, but FSU and LSU are for sure.

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