Carr Trying to Lead

Greg Carr is finishing up his final spring as a Florida State football player. Carr will be one of just two seniors lining up at receiver and will be looked at as a leader from the younger players. He has been working hard and doing his best to fill the role as a leader.

Coach Bowden said that Greg Carr has had a "Hot and cold" spring so far. A groin injury slowed him down at the beginning of spring practices but he is finally back to 100 percent and trying to focus on getting better now.

"I'm just trying to come out and get better each day. That's what we are trying to do as receivers. Coach (Lawrence) Dawsey challenged us to come out here and get better today and just to do the little things right." Carr said, "He wanted everybody to come out and the receivers do it as a whole. We know that we have to crank it up and we have to get everybody else into it as well. We just tried to come out here and do what we are supposed to be doing."

Greg Carr has been a nightmare for defensive coordinators in the red zone ever since his freshman season. He has been known for winning most jump ball situations he has been in and will look to continue using his best strength this coming season.

"Coach Dawsey, he talked to me about it and Coach (Jimbo) Fisher as well. I've got to use the height to my advantage. So anytime the ball is in there I can't give the defender a chance by letting it get down" said Carr, I have got to attack it up top because I know I will get to it first. I'm just trying to go in there and get the ball anytime I get the chance and make a play for my quarterback."

Carr's confidence in the jump ball is at an all time high as he has made a few plays over the past few practices including a nice touchdown grab over Tony Carter today.

"I just know that if I go up and that the ball like I know to and like I'm capable, then nobody has a chance against me. I just need to make sure I time it and attack it when I'm supposed to and I know I'll get it."

Even though Carr can be extremely dangerous when the ball is in the air, he knows that with Coach Fisher and Coach Dawsey calling the shots, he won't see the field much if that is all he can bring to the table. He says he has been trying to use this spring to polish other parts of his game as well.

"I just want to keep becoming a complete football player. I know if I listen to my coach then I'll become much better. I don't really feel like I accomplished all of the personal goal I had for myself this spring. I had the groin which slowed me down a little. I feel like I got better but at the same time, I'm not where I want to be. I just have to continue to work hard this spring going into the summer and into the fall so I can get where I want to be."

In addition to fine-tuning his game, Carr is also trying to take on a new role. Richard Goodman is the only other senior receiver on the team and Carr is the only one who has seen extensive playing time during his entire career at Florida State. Carr says he wants to do his best to become a leader for the remainder of his time in Tallahassee.

"I know I'm one of the older guys now and the young guys look up to me. I just want to come out here, do what I'm asked to do and try to be an example for the younger guys. I know they depend on my but I depend on them as well. So when I help them out, I really feel like it helps me out as well."

Carr is currently listed first on the depth charts but knows very well that he could drop instantly if he doesn't perform. If Carr can become more aggressive and continue to improve his blocking and route running, he will continue to be a major contributor for the ‘Noles in the fall. How much success he sees this season is entirely up to him.

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