Debose impressed by FSU

Andre Debose is one of the top playmakers in America for 2009. Schools from all over the nation have offered's #6 wide receiver, one of those being Florida State. On Saturday Debose made the trip up to Tallahassee to check out Florida State's spring game and to make an unofficial visit. NoleDigest caught up with Debose after the game to get his thoughts.

Andre Debose is one of the most highly recruited players in the country so far for the 2009 recruiting class. The standout from Seminole High in Sanford, FL has seen his recruitment take off since his highlight film hit the internet, and recently he has been making visits to schools that have offered him a scholarship. On Saturday he made the trip up to Florida State to check out their spring game.

"The visit went really good. I liked it a lot. Probably the best far was getting some one-on-one time with coach Bowden. He was telling me about the history of the program and other inside stuff. He was telling me how much they liked me and that they really need me. It was really exciting getting a chance to talk to coach."

Besides Bobby Bowden, Debose says he received the full-court press from all of the coaches at Florida State. Andre's visit on Saturday was his second time visiting the school, and he could tell the difference in how the coaches recruited him this time.

"I talked to all the coaches; coach Fisher, coach Dawsey, coach Carter, coach Amato. All of them. They were saying the same thing that coach Bowden was saying and how I always have a home at Florida State. They were talking about how much they like me and how much they need me. They said right now I am the number 1 offensive target on their board. They think I can be a guy that comes in and gives them the big play potential. When I came here the first time as a sophomore, I didn't have the name I do now. I could tell how much they really want me there."

Andre got a chance to see the facilities and check out the spring game. He wanted to pay attention to what the offense did, coming away impressed with what he saw from the Seminoles.

"I got to see the stadium, the rings and all that. The coaches want to get back to that, and you can see that. With the scrimmage, I liked what I saw from the offense. I thought they looked really good. There were some drops though, and the coaches asked me if I could come in and make those catches. Of course I said yeah (laughs). But I liked the offense and how they were 50/50 run/pass. I liked the passing plays I saw from the offense."

There was talk that Debose was going to do a two-for-one with visits today, as he originally was going to go to Florida's spring game before FSU's. He says he wasn't able to make, but he was there a little more than 2 weeks ago checking them out.

"I didn't go to Florida this morning. I really don't have a reason why, but my sister used to go to FSU so she wanted to get up there as soon as possible. It's not really a big deal. It would've been good if I could've gone, but its okay. Them and Miami say the same things really that FSU does about how I'm the #1 offensive target on their board. What really caught my attention was how Florida talks about how I can be the next Percy Harvin. They told me they expect him to go to the league next year and want me to come in and fill that role."

Overall, the visit was a good experience for Andre, and it keeps the Seminoles in contention to land him come next February. He told NoleDigest that he wants to make another trip up to FSU during the week to catch the other side of things from the university.

"The visit helped FSU and it caught my eye. All of the schools that visited me have caught my eye, but this visit helped them out. They have stuff that I like about them, and I'd like to come up again. Next time, though, I'd like to come up mid-week to check out the school while classes are going on and all that."

Andre isn't sure what is next for him visit wise, as his father is the one who sets up all of that stuff for him. He says that he is pretty open and has no idea as to when he's going to make any decisions. But for FSU, the visit was a good experience, and it keeps them on the mind on one of the country's top playmakers.

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Andre and the rest of the 2009 recruiting class.

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