Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry #9

In this week's diary installment, Lonnie Pryor talks about his visit to Florida State this past weekend for the annual Garnet and Gold game. Among the topics discussed are his conversations with the coaching staff and E.J. Manuel, and his thoughts on the game itself.

Entry No. 9

I made the visit to Florida State this weekend. It was fun. I got there Friday, ate, chilled out, and then spent the day there Saturday.

I got a chance to speak to coach Bowden for like the 4th time, which was cool. He was just asking me and my coach how we are looking this coming year as a team, how my family was, and stuff like that. It's usually always the same kind of stuff.

I got a chance to really talk to Coach Carter and Coach Fisher. Coach Carter was asking me about the LSU visit and was telling me to take my time with the decision and look at everything I need to see. I appreciate that. Coach Fisher was asking me my thoughts on the LSU visit, too, and he was telling me about it there when he was a coach there. He was telling me he was happy that I was up there for the visit. We talked about what he is looking for in a running back and stuff like that. Mostly it was just about catching up.

I did the campus tour thing this time, seeing the campus, facilities and meeting the coaches. The game was really cool. People were yelling my name and stuff which made me feel good. I had fun and really enjoyed myself, and that is what I wanted to do. I wanted the offense to win the game. They had some dropped passes and stuff, but the offense looked good.

I got a chance to meet and talk to E.J. Manuel. He is a real cool guy. I got a picture taken with him. He was just telling me that in 1 or 2 years FSU is going to turn it around, and that I needed to come and see the changes. I told him that I've been a lifelong fan and all that. He was real cool and we had a good conversation. He feels FSU will be winning again soon. I also was talking to some recruits, asking them if they are coming to FSU. I hung out with Nigel after the game, which was a really good time.

Comparing the visit to LSU and FSU, there were more people at the LSU game, and I had more fun there because I was there for an entire weekend. But, going back to FSU for the visit felt like home. The LSU trip was an overall better trip, but the feeling of home and comfort is at FSU. Plus, the FSU visit was fun too.

This Friday I have districts for track. I am running the 200, 400 and 4x400. My goal is to at least make regionals, and I think I should in the 400 for sure. The 200 we will see. I just started running it, and I ran a 22-something last time, so we will see if that is good enough. I'm excited about that.

May 1st starts spring football, so I am done with visits for a while. I'm taking a break from them so I can focus on football and finish off track strong.

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