"I'd like to put the Fear Back in the Spear"

David Oku is Scout.com's 8th ranked running back in the nation. The Oklahoma City, OK product recently made some waves when he cut down his list to a final 6, with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State not being apart of his final list. NoleDigest caught up with David to get his thoughts on his final 6 schools, and to see if Florida State made the cut.

David Oku is one of the top players in the Midwest. Greg Powers, who covers that area for Scout.com, has this to say about Oku, "Oku is a definite home run threat when he touches the ball. He has great patience in finding the hole and then explodes through it with cat like quickness. He has tremendous cutting ability and sometimes is able to make the man trying to defend him look like he is standing still." Recently the elite running back cut his list to a final 6 schools, and all of them are out of state.

"Everything has been going good. I'm trying to be low-key with this process, so I decided to trim my list down to a final 6 schools. They are Florida State, Ohio State, Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee and USC. I wanted to get this list trimmed down because I don't want to waste the coaches or my time. I don't want to string along schools and make them think they have a shot with me. Also, I just wanted to make this thing easier on myself. I prayed to God about it, and these 6 schools are who made it."

Oku says the 6 schools on his list are the programs he feels most comfortable with and who he thinks he fits best in. He talks about each program briefly and why he likes them.

"These are the schools I feel I fit the best at. During the summer I am going to unofficially visit all of these schools and see what they have to offer. After that, if I don't feel like the school is what I like; I may cut the list down more. I want to be able to get a good understanding about the coaches and program, and if I feel they are lacking or not being truthful, they'll be cut.

Florida State: "Man, the tradition. I've always been a fan of FSU, and they have always had great players. FSU has fallen off a little bit, but there has been a lot of talk about putting the fear back in the spear. Being apart of that is something I'd like to do."

Tennessee: "My good friend Gerald Jones goes there and I like the west coast offense they use."

USC: They have great tradition and history at the running back position. And they too run a west coast offense.

Ohio State: "I talk to Michael Brewster some. He has gained a name for being a kid who likes to recruit. He wants me to jump on the "Brew-train" with him and be a player there."

Illinois: "They are really and up-and-coming program. I think I can go in there and make an immediate impact. I like what they did with Rashard Mendenhall, and I think I can go there and give them a fresh start."

Michigan: "I like what Rich Rodriguez did at West Virginia, and at Michigan I think he will be able to get better talent. Once he gets a quarterback for his spread offense, I think they will be a dominating team. Right now they are missing the quarterback, though."

On Monday David spoke to Florida State running backs coach Dexter Carter. He says basically they were catching up due to them not talking for a while. He says with spring football coming to a conclusion, he feels he'll be talking to coach Carter on a more regular basis.

"I spoke to coach Carter today (Monday). I haven't talked to him in a bit. We were just talking about how the offense was coming and he was just asking me if I was taking care of the little things like school and all. When I was younger I didn't take the academics seriously, but now that I know I have this great opportunity ahead of me, I have buckled down. Now it's all A's and B's. The relationship with Coach Carter is there, and I feel now that spring is over, they (FSU) will be more focused on recruiting. I'm sure I'll be hearing more from them heading into the spring and into the summer."

Often time's recruits choose a school because of the position coach. For Oku, that is not the case. He trimmed down his list because he really wants to focus on what these schools offer him as a whole.

"I am going to choose a school because I like the school, not because of a certain coach. That will play a part, but who never know if that coach will be there your entire time at the school. That is why I want to learn about these programs because I have to go to that school no matter who the coaches are. Coaching changes happen."

While Oku doesn't know he exact plans on making visits, he knows of a few that have been lined up.

"I am going to visit Tennessee this coming weekend. I am going to be touring campuses this summer with Brian Butler and Potential Players with Bryce Brown. I don't think we will be heading down to the southern schools, mostly just schools like Ohio State, Michigan and Illinois. I will make the visit down to FSU myself sometime after that tour is over most likely."

David says the chance that a school could come in later and make him look at them is slim. He says he put a lot of thought into this list, but does mention one program.

"If a school comes along, I may look at it if the 6 I am focused on aren't working out. But I doubt that is going to happen because I put a lot of time and thought into this list of schools. Oregon may be a school I'd look at, but these 6 are the ones I am solely focused on. I am ready to get the visits to these 6 knocked out."

David still plans on making a decision sometime in the fall because he wants to be an early enrollee. He says his school has been giving him some pushback on that, and says there is a slim chance they won't let him graduate early. He feels in the end, he will be able to accomplish that goal. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with David and the rest of the 2009 recruiting class.

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