Dye speaks with Trickett; FSU still in it

Florida State offered Dyron Dye a scholarship very early on, pegging him as one of the top targets at defensive end for the 2009 recruiting class. NoleDigest caught up with Dye to see what has been going on with his recruitment and to see if Florida State is still under consideration for the standout prospect.

Dyron Dye is one of the top defensive end prospects in the nation for 2009. He is part of what recruiting fans have dubbed the "Seminole trio", as he, Andre Debose and Ray Ray Armstrong all play for Seminole High in Sanford, FL. Dye is coming off a junior campaign that saw him amass 65 tackles and 13 sacks, which helped establish him as a player to watch for this upcoming season. Dye has seen the interest from schools come from all over the country.

"Everything has been going good. I have something like 30 offers now. I am really surprised by that because I didn't think this many schools would be interested in me. Almost all of the top schools have offered me except USC. I don't think they are going to come after me because I think they like some other guys, but Florida State, Florida, Miami, LSU, Clemson, Michigan and others have offered. UCLA sent me a letter the other day talking about how they have some interest in me."

The last time NoleDigest spoke to Dyron, he mentioned that Florida State and Florida were his top schools. Right now he says that he is pretty wide open, and he has taken some visits lately.

"I'm pretty much looking at everyone right now. I went to Miami like a month ago. It was really nice and I didn't expect it. It changed my mind on them. I had heard some things about them, but on the visit I saw it wasn't true. People were telling me you get into trouble there, but the character you have determines if you get into trouble or not. I like Miami because of the academics, coaches, people and the alumni."

"I went to UCF for their spring game. It wasn't the first time that I've been there. I enjoyed it there and had a good time. They are a good program and are coming up. I was supposed to go to Florida and Florida State's games, but I took the ACT."

Florida State looks at Dyron as one of the best prospects in Florida at defensive end, and they've been in contact through mail and phone calls so far. Also, Dye hears from FSU's top commitment in Jacobbi McDaniel.

"I spoke to Coach Trickett today (Monday) and Jacobbi too. Coach Trickett was telling me he is coming to see me some time this week or so. He said they really like me and that he wanted to see me. I talk to Jacobbi some. He is trying to recruit me for FSU. He was talking about how he wants me to join the class they have going and that with us playing next to each other we can help bring FSU back if I did decide to go there. I plan on visitng FSU soon."

Dye says that right now he isn't focused too much on recruiting as he is trying to finish off this quarter strong in the classroom, as well as getting ready for spring football.

"To be honest man I am not really focused on the recruiting front. I am focused on finishing these classes strong. School is going pretty well. I just took the ACT, as you know, and I thought it was pretty easy. Also I have been getting ready for spring football. I'm still learning as a player so this time is very important to me. This whole thing is a learning process and that is what I am looking at it as. I can't take the time for granted and I have to use it to continue to get bigger, stronger and better. I don't think we will be playing much in the jamboree, but this practice time is what I am looking forward to."

Dyron Dye seems more open to the recruiting process than the last time NoleDigest spoke to him. As the summer approaches and school ends look for Dyron to get more involved in his recruitment with visits and camps. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Dyron and the rest of the 2009 recruiting class.

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