Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry #10

In his latest diary entry, Lonnie Pryor talks about the latest in what is going on with his recruitment, as well as talks about how he did at his district track meet last weekend. Florida State fans have pegged him as a "lock" to join the 2009 class, and Pryor himself has said as much. Is that still the case?

Entry No.10

Now that spring evaluation is here, I can talk to the coaches more. I used to have to be the one to call, but now they can call me. This week Coach Miles and Coach Lane from LSU called me up to see what I was up to and how my family was. They want me to go back there this summer for another visit. LSU has been recruiting me real hard, and it has been working.

I'd say that right now I like LSU more than FSU because I had such a great time on the visit. It is a really nice place. I would say really that both FSU and LSU are my top teams and they are even and real close. I'm not sure what has changed really, but they are even right now.

Coach Lilly from Georgia called me up, and that was a good conversation. Coach Grand from Auburn called me up and was telling me about how after this year he really doesn't have any running backs, and that they want to get me on campus for a visit.

I've been kind of slacking on my calls this week, so those were the only coaches I spoke to. This weekend was the first one I had off in a while. It was nice to take a break from the visits and all and sleep in my own bed. I liked being able to hang with my girlfriend and just hang out.

Last Friday I ran in the district meet. I did the 400 and 4x400 relay. Our relay team got second in the district, and I got 4th in the 400, so I will be running both this coming Friday at the regional meet. We have spring football coming up, so if I don't make it past regionals I am going to turn my attention to that. I'm going to get back in the gym and get ready for it in 2 weeks. I'm getting excited about it because it'll be nice to be around the football players again.

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