Coley: We're going to be relentless

The evaluation period is a great opportunity for college coaches to evaluate prospects throughout the country. NoleDigest had the opportunity to speak with Florida State's Recruiting Coordinator/ Tight Ends Coach James Coley. Coley discusses Florida State's goals, and mindset towards the evalaution period, plus much more.

NoleDigest- What are the objectives during the evaluation period?

Coach James Coley- It's a combination of a lot of stuff. We are trying to collect information. We want to see prospects with our own eyes. We are able to check transcripts and can start the qualification process. Their also can be a guy out there that we didn't know about. The biggest thing is we need to bring back information. Then we'll go over what we like and what we don't like. It's almost like checks and balances.

ND- What are your areas that you will be visiting?

JC- I have a large recruiting area. I have parts of South Florida, Miami, West Palm Beach, the western part of the United States such as California, Arizona, Texas, some of South Carolina, North Carolina, New York and New Jersey. We have to attack the home base here in Florida.

Here at FSU we feel that we can walk in anywhere and our school can attract anyone because of the high caliber athletics and education we can provide student athletes.

ND- What is Florida State's mindset during this evaluation period?

JC- We would like to address our needs. Try not to go after guys that you do not need. You try to take the best players and do not settle for guys. I think that the coaches on the staff do a good job at that. They don't shy away from guys who many schools are going after.

ND- How does this coaching staff differ from some of the other programs you have been at?

JC- We all work together as a staff when evaluating prospects. The experience we have on the staff is very valuable. We are watching film together as an entire staff. This is team oriented. This is our recruiting class. I'm not the only one watching the tight ends. When you're on the road, you know what the other guys want. It's new. I'm not saying that it's not being done at other places. It's different. Every place has their own greatness.

ND- Coach, take us through what your thought process is when you walk into a school?

JC- When you're at the school you want to gather information on the player, his stats, any playing information. You also want to bring back film on that prospect. You want to see his academic advisor. You would hope that the prospect you are recruiting is a standout in the school just like on the field. Athletic ability and character go hand in hand. Those are the kids that you win championships with. Some guys have it and some guys don't. At Florida State are you willing to sacrifice?

ND- Do you look at character? The NFL is placing a premium on character issues. Does FSU have the similar beliefs?

JC– Absolutely. If you have a great player on your high school team you would hope that he is a high character guy. The first question that I ask coaches about their star player is, is he your captain? Well if he's not then why not? The NFL is investing a lot of money into these players. I guess you can say that it's similar here at Florida State. The education here is expensive and it's a hard school to get into. We shouldn't have to compromise.

I also speak to security guards. NoleDigest- You do? Yes. I say to them, hey do you so and so. They'll tell you about the player. They'll tell you the truth. It's just a piece to the puzzle. I write all this stuff down. You're almost profiling. So in the fall when you have your season going on and they have their season going on, you know who you are recruiting. You actually know who that kid is.

ND- How important is it to protect your home state of Florida?

JC- It's a lot of work. You want to hit every school. We're going to be relentless.

ND- How important is every visit?

JC- I always say that you can't be scared to exhaust your efforts at a school. Don't be too anxious. Always find time. Don't hurry up. It's very important to contact the coach before you visit. Make each visit count. We can evaluate a prospect when they are running track, lifting, playing basketball, etc.

ND- Lastly, are you excited to be recruiting for Florida State?

JC- We are all excited to be going out. You'll look for quick fixes. I feel that you always recruit to improve your weakness. Every class should improve the team. You have got to do your homework. Are you identifying the right players and are you recruiting the right players. I can't wait. I leave for South Carolina on Sunday.

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