Visit to FSU for Carr was all business

Nigel Carr was one of the players in the nation last year for the 2008 recruiting class. After an early commitment to Florida State, Carr spent most of last year recruiting for the Seminoles and getting ready to come to Tallahassee in the summer. NoleDigest caught up with Nigel to see what he's been up to and to talk about his expectations for the fall.

Nigel Carr's commitment to Florida State was huge for the Seminoles because he'll be bringing to the table what the traditional Florida State linebacker is: a playmaker that is fast and gets to the ball with outstanding closing speed. Since his senior season ended Nigel has been working hard in order to contribute when he steps foot on campus. Over the past few months Carr has been a frequent visitor to the school, spending time with the coaching staff learning the playbook and schemes.

"I've been getting right. I am excited to get to FSU and get it going. I am ready to shock some people that is for sure. I've been spending a lot of time going back and forth to the school. I spent my entire spring break there. It wasn't a vacation, it was business for me. I was learning the system the whole time, going to all the meetings and learning what Coach Amato expects from his linebackers. I watched a lot of film and watched guys like Kendall (Smith) Dekoda (Watson) and Marcus Ball. Dekoda looks like an NFL player right now. I talked a lot to Coach Amato and we talked about some things that I don't want to put in the media, but I got the system down and I am ready to get it done."

Carr is down to a slender 227

It is vital for the Seminoles that Carr come in ready to go. The academic scandal hit the linebacker position hard as 2 starters will be missing the first 3 games. Carr has known since the scandal was made public that he'll be a guy the coaches count on to contribute right away.

"I'm coming in ready to play those first 3 games. They are my time to get it and earn my spot. I won't be stressing it at all because I know the system. Once I get used to the speed, I'm going to be all good. Shaq Wilson was telling me that is the hardest part. He got to South Carolina early and said that once that speed of the game is good, everything else is okay. That first play in practice, I will be coming with all my might. I want to show the coaches they can depend on me and that I am ready to be a major contributor to my team. I am in the best shape of my life, man. You look on the pictures of me on, I have a gut. Not anymore. I am down to 227 and I feel great. I'm moving very well and people say I have gotten a lot faster. Everything is easier with the weight gone."

Coach Amato was one of the reasons why Nigel made an early commitment to FSU. AS he stated, he spent a lot of time with him over the past few months getting ready to for the fall.

"I learned a lot from Coach Amato when I was there over spring break. He is big on knowing your assignment, having the right stance and all that. I have a lot of critiquing to do and I have been working on that stuff. I've been doing the stuff he says like working on my hips and being in the right place at the right time. He says the stance is the biggest thing I need to work on."

The extra motivation Nigel has is due to what he feels is people sleeping on him some. He knows that his senior year was sub par according to his standards, and he feels motivated to prove to the naysayers that he is one of the best incoming freshmen for 2008.

"A lot of people are sleeping on me. I am not too worried about high school anymore. People doubted me my senior year because I didn't have the year I should have. I got hurt some and admittedly I was a bit slack. My 11th grade year I was on the grind, and when I got the scholarship I slacked some. But after the ESPN game and all I am motivated to prove I can play. I'm hungry and ready. It helped seeing Nigel (Bradham), Terrance (Parks) and Vince (Williams) out there. I'm anxious to get back on the field."

The 2008 class fore Florida State was a consensus top 10 class, and it is one that will aid in the turnaround the coaches are trying to bring. Carr feels like there are some real gems in his class, mentioning some by name.

"I want to be apart of the best freshman class of linebacker in the country. Miami is going to be good with Sean Spence and Arthur Brown, but I think we'll be better. Nick Moody is going to shock some people. Man, I thought I had good feet. I think he'll end up at Sam or Will (linebacker), but he's going to really bring it. Jarmon Fortson is a beast man. He is huge. I think he'd be the perfect playmaking tight end. He has great size and is going to be a special. Moses McCray, the early enrollees; man we have some talent coming in. You have guys like Corey Surrency and Tavares Pressley who some are talking like they are NFL ready right now. Tavares is one guy I can't wait to see. He's big and fast like Jimbo Fisher likes. I can't wait."

The only thing left for Nigel to do before he gets to FSU is finish out his senior year strong. He says he is good to go in the classroom, and now he is just waiting to go.

"It feels good that I am almost done here. School is breezing by and I am almost done. This senioritis thing is tough. I'm just trying to work through it and keep working on my game. Once I get to FSU, all of this is going to pay off."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Nigel and the rest of the 2008 signees.

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