Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry #11

Last week's diary entry from Lonnie Pryor stirred up some great discussion. This week Lonnie talks about that entry and his thoughts on people's response, and discusses getting ready for spring football.

Entry #11

I've had a somewhat busy week this past week. I didn't qualify for states in track. I did a poor job at the regional meet. It really doesn't bother me too much, and now I will be directing all of my attention to spring ball. I took my physical on Tuesday and I am ready to get back in the gym and work out.

Last week's diary caused some commotion I see. I want to mention that Florida State is still #1 for me. I read some of the comments that people posted. They were funny. I especially liked the one where the guy said 99.9% Nole. Also, I got a good laugh from the guy who said "Jimbo answer the phone." There were some crazy responses. I just wanted to make sure people know that FSU is still #1 with me.

I did speak to some coaches. I called up Coach Grand at Auburn, and he was talking about the running back position. He said if I go there I could play right away. I spoke to Coach Lane from LSU and he was talking to me about coming there for the summer. I did call Coach Fisher again, but he didn't answer the phone. Coach Lilly called and I spoke to him, and coaches from Marshall were at my school today (Tuesday).

I got an offer from Nebraska, which puts me at 30. I'm happy with where I am at with this process and the schools that have offered me.

This coming weekend I have prom with my girlfriend. I'm excited about it. We are going to this expensive restaurant for dinner, and then we're going to the event. This is my second prom, so it should be a good time. Maybe I will have some pictures next week.

That's pretty much it. Spring practice starts soon and I should have more to talk about.

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