Fortson: Tell all the fans to get ready

Florida State was able to turn Jarmon Fortson away from Auburn leading up to signing day. NoleDigest had the opportunity to speak with Fortson about a number of topics such as jersey number, eligibility, the curse of #1, and his thoughts on the spring game.

What position are the coaches looking at for you to play in the fall?

JF- Coach is talking about me playing the X. That's the wide receiver that lines up outside. It really doesn't matter to me once I get on the field.

Are you qualified right now?

JF- Yes sir. I'm qualified. There are a lot of haters out there. I don't know where that came from but I'm good to go.

What number do you plan to wear at FSU?

JF- I told Coach Bowden that I would like to wear #1.

Did you ever hear about the curse of the #1 jersey?

JF- (Laughs) Nah, but it's time for the curse to come to an end.

How much do you weigh right now?

JF- About 220.

What are you doing right now to prepare for the summer?

JF- I am running track. Right now I am running the 100 and the 400. I also throw shot put.

What were your thoughts on the Spring Game?

JF- I saw a lot of dropped balls from college players. Coach told me that some of the guys were walk-ons though. I love the offense though and I can't wait to contribute. I really liked the fan base. I like how they came out and supported the team.

What was the reason that you selected FSU over Auburn?

JF- I felt more comfortable in Tallahassee than Auburn. That's what it really came down to.

What part of your game do you feel you need to improve the most?

JF-a I would probably say route running and getting consistent separation from a DB.

What makes Jarmon Fortson…..Jarmon Fortson?

JF- I attack and go get the ball. I break tackles really well. It really takes about two tacklers to bring me down every time.

What is your relationship like with Coach Dawsey?

JF- Coach Dawsey that's my man. When I said that I felt more comfortable in Tallahassee it's because of him and Coach Jimbo.

Is there any message that you want to relay to the fans at FSU?

JF- I will be down there this summer. Tell all the fans to get ready.

Bonus Fortson- Jarmon compares himself to Terrell Owens (TO). Fortson actually has an aunt that attended Florida State. She told him about the school and the black graduation rates. Jarmon Fortson is qualified!

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