McGee has a favorite, not ready to go public

Brandon McGee is one of the top athletes in the nation for the 2009 recruiting class. While he plays quarterback for his Plantation High team, the majority of schools are looking at Brandon as a cornerback on the next level. NoleDigest caught up with McGee to get his thoughts on how his recruitment has developed and to get his thoughts on Florida State.

Brandon McGee is's sixth ranked cornerback in the nation, and is one of the most heavily recruited players from the 2009 class. His latest string of offers puts him at 30, and it is something that he is very happy about. While some recruits would let it get to their head, McGee is trying to stay humble.

"Recruiting has been going really well, you know. My latest offers are from Purdue, Minnesota and Clemson, and those put at the 30 mark. I've been trying to stay humble and modest about all this, but I am definitely happy that I have gotten all of the offers and the attention."

With the 30 scholarship offers, Brandon has his choice of several of the top programs across the nation. There are two schools that haven't offered him, though, and he says if they do they'd be schools that he considers during the recruiting process.

"Mostly all of the schools that offered me send me mail. There are two schools who haven't offered me or really sending me anything, and they are Oklahoma and Virginia Tech. I have followed Oklahoma over the past few years and was looking at their depth chart at cornerback, and there is not a lot of depth there. They have a lot of juniors and seniors on that team. With Virginia Tech, I was watching the draft with Brandon Flowers. I just like how they use their corners. They too have very little depth after this year and they didn't bring too many guys in from the 2008 class."

One school that has offered the talented 4-star recruit is Florida State. The Seminoles have been McGee's favorite team since childhood, and he says that they are a team that will be in throughout.

"I will always be looking at Florida State. They've always been my team. In my opinion, they have one of the best athletes in college in Preston Parker. I know he got into some trouble recently, but I hope he can make it back. Last summer I had a good visit there. There are 3 colleges in Tallahassee and there is always something to do there. I just like the overall environment there."

"I spoke to Coach Amato and Coach Andrews, and they said they are coming down to see me either this week or next. We just caught up and talked about what I've been doing. They tell me that they want me, and like all the schools, they tell me how they think I fit into their system. Some schools have even said I could get some packages on offense."

McGee has checked out a few schools over the past month, and he told NoleDigest that he intends on making a visit to Tallahassee once school is over in June. According to Brandon, it is going to be part of a summer road trip.

"I haven't been up to FSU in a while, but I am going up there in the summer. The second week of June I plan on making a road trip where I will be checking out some of the schools that I like. Florida State, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and the Midwest schools like Ohio State, Notre Dame and Illinois."

"I did take a visit to Miami, and it was pretty cool. I met all the coaches and they seemed real cool. The best part was that Willis McGhee was there working out, and I got to meet him. That was pretty cool. He was telling me how Miami is a great place to be."

Internet chatter amongst people who follow recruiting is a common occurrence. One rumor going around is that McGee is a lean to the Ohio State Buckeyes. He says that he has a top school, but he is pretty open to the process.

"I'm not leaning anywhere and I am still open. I do have a top school, and it is a school that I have liked for a while. There has been no thought to committing and the coaches at that school know. I don't want to put it out there in the public and I want to keep it discrete. It's just a school that stands out."

Like all of the high school players in Florida, McGee has turned most of his attention to spring football. He says that after spring is over and some visits are made, there is a possibility that a decision could come before the season.

"Spring ball started last Thursday. I'm mainly using it to get used to the new offense we have, as we are moving from the Wing-T to the spread. I think it will show off my athleticism more. As far as a decision, I hope to make it before the season. If not then, it'll be in early January. If I am hard-pressed and cannot make a clear decision I will push it off until after the season to see how it works out."

McGee is a very talented football player, and he is one of the best in south Florida for next season. The coaches at FSU have had this prospect pegged for a long time, but right now it seems like Brandon is open to every school. With continued interest shown to McGee and good visits completed, look for FSU to be a major player for Brandon before it is all said and done.

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