Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry #12

With spring practice underway, Lonnie Pryor has seen several schools come by to watch him practice. In this week's diary entry, he gives his thoughts on the schools that have visited and talks about the latest in his recruitment.

Entry No. 12

We just started spring practice this past week. It is going really well so far. We started in pads Monday so it is good getting it going. Today (Thursday) we worked on team offense. I think we will be okay going into the fall. If we don't get another wide receiver to step it up I think I am going to have some problems running with teams stacking the box. I think that is one thing we are working on this spring and into the summer.

I was really focused today (Thursday) because there were three schools that came to see me today at practice. Having these schools out there watching me makes me focus on my assignments more and makes me want to show out for them. Florida State, Auburn and UCF were out there at practice watching. With Florida State Jimbo Fisher was out there watching me, so that was nice. I talked to him during the week and he said he was going to come out and see me. I am happy he came out. While he wasn't allowed to talk to me, it was nice having him out there.

It was cool having Auburn out there today also. During the week I had a bunch of other coaches come by from Rutgers, Alabama, USF, FAU and Northern Illinois. It was nice to finally meet the coaches from Alabama.

There are really no new offers this week. I did set up a trip to LSU for the summer to camp there, and I set up my official visit for when they play Georgia. I want to go back out there and hang out. Coach LP (Larry Porter) and Coach Lane are supposed to be coming to see me sometime next week. I know they have two other running backs committed, but Coach Miles is still telling me I am a primary target for them. I know other than the LSU camp I will be going to one at FSU. It'll probably be the Showtime.

I had prom last weekend, and I will say is that it sucked!! That is all I will say. It was my girlfriend's last prom, but it wasn't a good time. Speaking of, Friday the 9th is our 8 month anniversary, so that is pretty cool. I am sure we will be doing something to celebrate that.

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