4 star back a top priority for FSU

Jarvis Giles is rated as the 23rd best running back in the nation on Scout.com and has garnered 4-star status. The Tampa Gaither standout is one of the top running back targets on Florida State's board for the 2009 recruiting class. NoleDigest caught up with Giles to get the latest on his recruitment and to see if the Seminoles made his top 4.

Jarvis Giles is a ferocious runner and is a workhorse for his Gaither High team. With 236 carries and 1,378 yards rushing last year, Giles showed he can carry the load for his team. The 19 touchdowns showed his ability to finish of drives and put points on the board. His ability to be a primary ball carrier is the reason why schools from all over the country are in hot pursuit. Jarvis recently trimmed down his list to a top 4, though, as he feels the schools on his list are the programs that could give him the capability to excel on the next level.

"Recruiting has been going good, and it is pretty much the same ‘Ol same ‘Ol with me. I just got an offer recently from Nebraska and I've been talking to them about getting out there to visit. Schools are still coming after me and all, but I think I have it narrowed down to a top 4 schools that I like.

Those schools that make up his top 4 are Tennessee, Nebraska, Clemson and Florida State. One would think the Florida product would have the in-state program on top, but that is not the case with Jarvis. He told NoleDigest what he likes about each program, and how he is still leaning to getting out of the state to play his college ball.

Tennessee: "They are still at the top of my list because I feel right now that no one else can offer me what they can. I have a great relationship with Coach Drayton and the other coaches. Other coaches from these other schools ask me what I like about Tennessee, and I say I have family up there. The biggest thing is just my relationship with the coaches, and they run the same offense we do at my high school."

Nebraska: "Even though they just offered recently, I like them. I was talking to the running back coach and he was telling me how they've always put guys in the NFL. That was interesting and caught my attention. They are rebuilding there and they think they can win again with a guy like me."

Clemson: "I like the school in general and they like to run the ball a lot."

Florida State: "They are the only in-state school I like. I've always been a fan of them, but I've lived in Florida my whole life. I am looking to get out of here and experience new things, meet new people and do different stuff. With FSU I know what they have and what it is like. If I don't like these other schools after visiting, FSU is the school I can depend on. I've talked to Coach Fisher and Coach Dawsey some. Coach Fisher came by the school and saw me practice. He has told me before that he wants to keep the in-state talent home. He talked about how when he was at LSU they always came to Florida to land players, and that helped them win a championship. He says by keeping guys like me home FSU will win another title. That interested me when he said that because I want to play at a school that has a winning tradition."

Right now Giles doesn't have any summer plans other than camping at Tennessee. Seeing how they are his favorite and they're the only camp he has scheduled, some may think a commitment may come soon. He says that isn't the case.

"I am going to camp at Tennessee for sure and that is the only one I have lined up right now. Depending on how I feel about the visit I'd think about committing, but I am not a lock to go there. Every school on my list is still in it and they have a chance. I just think these 4 schools have been the most straight up with me."

At this time it looks like the only way this talented running back prospect stays home is if the out-of-state schools don't show Giles a good time. The coaching staff at FSU likes Jarvis a lot, and he likes the Seminoles too. But the desire to go to school out of state is the biggest factor at this time, and that is something the Seminoles are going to have a hard time battling. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Jarvis and the rest of the 2009 recruiting class.

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