FSU making a serious move on 5-star DT

Chris Davenport is Scout.com's 2nd ranked defensive tackle in the nation. The 6'4" 311 pound standout from Mansfield, LA has been favoring LSU & Southern Cal for sometime, but another program has been coming on lately and catching up with the other two powerhouses. NoleDigest caught up with Davenport to get the latest on his recruitment and to see where the Seminoles stand with him at this time.

Chris Davenport is the top rated player in Louisiana for the 2009 recruiting class. Davenport's junior campaign established that he's be a top level recruit as he had 120 tackles, 20 tackles for losses, 18 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, and 3 recovered fumbles. The All-State performer says he is approaching 40 offers, and it is something that he is very happy about.

"Recruiting has been going well. I cannot complain at all. I have 37 offers now. I kind of figured I would get all of these offers, but at the same time I didn't expect some of the schools to offer that have."

At this time Davenport says that he is open and doesn't have a top 5, and several schools have come by to see him. According to him, there has been one visit that stood out to him from the group of visitors.

"I'm still pretty open and I don't have a top 5 or anything like that. A lot of schools have come by to see me. Florida State, Notre Dame, USC, LSU, Arkansas, Michigan, Ole Miss and Tennessee have been the latest to stop by. The visits all went pretty good and I am checking out what all of them have to offer. One visit stood out to me, though, and that was the visit from Coach Haggins at Florida State."

With the need of defensive tackle at Florida State, it is important that the Seminoles continue to make headway with Davenport. While they have Jacobbi McDaniel, who is arguably the best in the nation this year, the Noles need at least one more guy to join him. Davenport talks about why the Seminoles are coming on for him.

"I've spoken to Coach Haggins on the phone a lot. He tells me what they are trying to do there with the program and that they are short on defensive linemen. I am very interested in them and I am going to go down and visit. It was interesting to me listening to what Coach Haggins had to say to me. He was talking about how he knows a lot of schools are coming after me, and that I need to consider FSU. I have built up a good relationship with him. I've been trying to give him some time to grieve about losing his mother, so going into the summer I really want to get to know more about him."

"I've seen a video highlight reel of them from last year and from guys that have gone to school there. I liked what I saw from that. I knew a little about the guys that have gone there, but I didn't realize they had that many guys go on to the NFL. FSU is making a push for me."

Chris has stated in earlier reports that he plans on majoring in music, but lately he has had second thoughts about that. He says that depending on what major he plans on pursuing will have an effect on the school he chooses.

"I've wanted to major in music, but I have been going back and forth with that and criminal justice. I don't know really. I've been going back and forth with it; one day I want to major in music, the other criminal justice. If I do criminal justice I want to become a probation officer. I talked to Coach Haggins about it and he said he would send me stuff on both programs."

Chris says that he doesn't have any plans yet about visiting any camps and that he is waiting to see what happens. He says he will continue to work with his personal trainer.

"Right now I don't have any plans on going to camps. I know I will be working with my personal trainer on getting bigger, faster and stronger. Right now it looks like I will just make 5 officials and go through the process. LSU and USC are still there, but FSU is coming in as a player. I'd say Tennessee is coming in too. I like the coaches at those schools, and it is going to come down to that and academics."

It would be a major coup for the Seminoles to land Davenport. The coaching staff must continue to work hard and show Davenport the interest, but it looks like Coach Haggins has been making major in-roads at this time. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Chris and the rest of the 2009 recruiting class.

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