Haulstead goes in-depth about his commitment

The announcement that Willie Haulstead had committed to Florida State shocked many people. In his latest updates he mentioned that FSU was a school that he's been considering, but he didn't know a lot about the program. After doing some thinking and observing the situation, he decided to make it known that he wants to be a Nole. NoleDigest caught up with him to get his thoughts on his decision.

Willie Haulstead comes from tiny Titusville, FL. After dominating camps and combines over the past few years Haulstead has established himself as one of the best pass catchers in the nation for 2009. With great size and speed, Haulstead has the frame that new offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher likes. That fact is a reason Willie went ahead and made the decision to commit.

"I am committed to Florida State. Making the decision gets some of the pressure off of me and it allows me to relax a little bit. I knew they'd be a top school for me throughout this process and I have liked them for some time. I wanted to make it known that I am a Seminole because I think I fit the offense well. I like the spread and all, but I think the pro-style offense FSU runs will benefit me in the long run. Coach Fisher told me that I have a shot to come in and contribute right away next year. I liked that because I really want to play. I also like that it is close to home, but not too close. It is 5 hours away and it is in-state."

Landing 5-star quarterback E.J. Manuel helped the Seminoles land a few top playmakers last year for the 2008 class. He also is making an impact on guys for this year, with Haulstead being one of them. He said what FSU is doing now helped expedite the process.

"I know they are rebuilding, but with the players they've been bringing in I think they're going to be great in a few years. I know they have a great one in E.J. Manuel coming in, and I want to get a chance to play with Willie Downs. He is supposed to be a good one too, so I think we can do some things at FSU."

NoleDigest talked to E.J. Manuel about the latest commitment, and when he was told he was a reason why Willie wants to be a Seminole, he was ecstatic.

"That is what's up! I hope I can keep helping the team bring guys in. That is good to hear that I played a part in the decision. It is a blessing that these guys look at me like that. Change is coming to that program soon!"

While Willie made the announcement that he plans on coming to FSU, he still intends on making some visits. While he hasn't visited FSU for football, he was in town recently for a track event. He says he plans on coming in the summer, and talks about the schools he plans on visiting.

"I am committed, but I would say I am soft because I am visiting some other schools. I will go through the process and take my visits. I know I will be visiting FSU for sure, and I will be making a visit too for Seminole Showtime. I plan on visiting FSU, Florida, Miami, Georgia and LSU. They'd have to blow me away though to make me think about changing my mind."

Even though fans can't consider him rock solid, by speaking to him you can see that he is happy with the decision he made today. Once he visits FSU, look for the status of his commitment to firm up.

"I am happy that I made this decision. It is good for me and it is good for my family. They are happy for me because I get an opportunity to go to college and get an education. My aunt is really excited because she graduated from there (FSU). I am just excited now to get there for a visit."

Landing Willie was huge for the Seminoles because he is another playmaker that will help turn things around. As one of the best in a top heavy class for 2009, getting Haulstead keeps the Seminoles momentum going as things head into the summer. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Willie and the rest of the 2009 recruiting class.

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