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Mack, Fish, and Nate offer their thoughts on three different topics. How the loss of Daron Rose affect the team, the player that has surpassed expections, and the rookie who FSU needs to contribute right away.

How will the loss of Daron Rose affect the team?

Mack- The loss of Daron Rose is a blow to the offensive line because of the depth concerns behind the first team. Rose was a talented player but still did not completely reach his potential at Florida State. FSU will need the incoming freshman offensive line signees (Sanders, Sanderson, Datko, and Spurlock) to be ready to play significantly right away. The loss of Rose will eventually be an after-thought by mid season because of Coach Trickett.

Fish- From a depth standpoint it hurts. FSU is not real deep along the offensive line and Rose is one of the only kids that has played along the line and was effective. FSU would have not had Rose for three games so the chances were that he was going to be passed up anyway.

Nate- The loss of Rose is going to hurt because the Seminoles are going to be even shorter on depth than they were going to be with him. The coaches are going to have to depend on freshman again, and need another guy like Rodney Hudson to come in and contribute. Right now FSU isn't sure what they'll get from Greenlee, who will be a freshman on the field. Of the attrition that has happened, this is the worst loss for the Noles.

What player has surpassed your expectations of him?

Mack- The player who I thought would never contribute at FSU would have to be Evan Bellamy. He wasn't the most highly regarded player coming out of high school. He was a player that former line coach Mark McHale recruited. He also wasn't the most physically gifted player either. Bellamy has easily surpassed my expectations for him as a player at Florida State. He has a very good work ethic and he's tough.

Fish- Todd Verdell. When FSU signed this kid out of junior college I thought he would be nothing more then a role player. Toddrick is probably FSU's best all-around linebacker on the team right now. He is probably FSU's best linebacker at going back into coverage.

Nate- Evan Bellamy. Coming in a lot of people thought he was the weak link of the Gulliver trio. All he has done is adapt well to Trickett and his coaching philosophies. After struggling some at tackle, he may have found his spot as a guard. I expected nothing from him, and next year he should be a starter.

Bellamy has surpassed expectations

What rookie does FSU need to contribute next year?

Mack- The rookie or rookies that I feel FSU needs to contribute next year would be anyone of the incoming freshman offensive lineman. You could also make a case here for Markus White because of the suspensions. White will have an excellent opportunity to start. Florida State also needs a presence up front. That would take a lot of pressure off of a defense as a whole. You win games at the line of scrimmage. Florida State needs these players to be ready to compete for this season to be a success.

Fish- Markus White. FSU has not had a great DE in a long time. Guys like McNeil and Brown have shown flashes but consistency has lacked from both players. White has a chance to come in a start next year. I would not be surprised to see guys like Andrew Datko, Corey Surrency and Nigel Bradham start in the opener.

Nate- It's a tough question because FSU needs more than one rookie to come in ready to play. If I had to pick one, I would say Zebrie Sanders. The high school All-American needs to come in and play immediately with the loss of Daron Rose. With size, speed and good footwork, he has the tools to come in and help right away. He needs to if the offensive line is going to have success.

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