4-star CB Dixon reveals his Top 10

The spring evaluation period is a time where recruits see a plethora of coaches come in and see them. Ricardo Dixon is one of those recruits, as he has seen many coaches from some of the top programs in the nation come watch him at practice. On Friday Dixon made public his top 10 list of schools, and NoleDigest got the exclusive update where he talks about the 10 schools he likes at this time.

Ricardo Dixon is one of the top defensive backs in south Florida for 2009. The 4-star corner prospect is not the biggest in terms of size for this recruiting class, but his determination and aggressive nature makes him one of the best cover guys in a state known for top-level corner prospects. Recruiting has been heating up for Dixon lately, and he says offers are coming in by the day.

"Recruiting is really hectic right now. The latest offers I have are from Alabama and Rutgers. They're verbal offers, but they said the written ones should be coming soon. That puts me at 18, and schools are telling me that they are going to offer me soon. Miami said they haven't offered me because Coach Shannon is careful of who he offers. The coaches said that when they offer, that means they're coming after you. Even though I live down here, if Miami offers me it won't mean much because I need to be able to have a relationship with the coaches. If I develop that, then they'd be a school who I would consider."

On Friday Dixon made it know his top list of schools. He says the list of consist of schools that have offered, and they are schools that he has been able to build a good relationship with. He says that while these are the schools he likes, a school could still be able to crack his list. The programs that make up his list, in order, are Florida State, South Florida, South Carolina, Auburn, Rutgers, UCF, Boston College, Ole Miss, Clemson and Georgia. He told NoleDigest what he likes about each.

Florida State: "FSU is my top school. They have a good environment and when I went there for the spring game I loved it. While I didn't get a chance to see much of the game, I was able to go into the locker room with the players. They were cool with me and said hey and all that. With the players and coaches there I think I fit in well with them. It was a good thing there on the visit."

USF: "I like the coaching staff. I haven't been there on a visit, but talking to the coaches you can see they are real down to earth. They ask me how I am doing and tell me that I need to make the right decision for myself. They say even if I don't choose them, I need to make sure I make the right choice. I like that."

South Carolina: "Again I like the coaches, in particular Coach Gillespie. He came down to see me and told me that I have good skills and he likes my footwork. I was able to put a face with a name and I have been able to build a relationship with him through our conversations."

Auburn: "The first thing Auburn did when they offered me was put me on a call with the head coach, the defensive coordinator and the defensive backs coach. Most schools don't do that till later, so that shoed me that they really like me a lot."

Rutgers: "I went there for a camp the summer in-between my 9th and 10th grade year. I liked it up there and I thought they had a good environment. It is a good place and there are things to do. Also I like the coaches there."

UCF: "Coach Kelly is a real cool guy. He is nice and came down to practice to watch me. He said that they have to get me because they are losing some guys after next year. He thinks I can come in there and help quickly."

Boston College: "I like the coaches there. They are doing some goods things there."

Ole Miss: "The coaches came to see me play in practice and said that I have good footwork and they like what I do. They got me on the phone with the defensive coordinator and I liked what he had to say."

Clemson: "I like Coach Blackwell. He told me that while Clemson is in the middle of the country, there is still stuff to do. I don't have to go to a big place because I am not one that likes to party all the time. He wants to get me up there for a visit either unofficially or for a camp to show me what they have to offer."

Georgia: "Georgia always has a good defense and they put guys into the league. There is security there with the players and I would have good back-up. I like how they like to hit. I haven't visited but that is a school I would like to visit."

With a list of top schools in hand, Dixon has begun to think about plans for making official visits. He says that at this time he would like to make all of his officials to out-of-state schools, but he isn't sure about how it'll unfold.

"I'd like to make all of my officials to schools out of state because it's harder for me to get to them. If I do that I will choose the top 5 schools I like that aren't in Florida and visit them. I might still make an official to Florida State because you don't get to do things on an unofficial visit that you can on an official. We'll see how it works out."

With Florida State in the lead, Dixon says that he likes what they're doing and the relationships he has built with the coaches. He says that they are a solid number one at this point in time.

"When I went there I just had good chemistry with the coaches and players. I have good relationships with Coach Gillespie at USC and Coach Scott from USF, but it clicked with Coach Andrews and Coach Amato. I really like FSU a lot."

"They said that they like me as a field corner because of my ability to cover. While I am not the biggest guy they think that I can hold my own. They feel that once I get into their strength and conditioning program I will be able to add weight. They think I am aggressive, too. I will tell you that while I am not the biggest, I will make my man work for his catches and I will battle him catching the ball."

Dixon told NoleDigest that he isn't sure of any plans for the summer yet, as he thinks his coaches will be taking his team to team camps. As it stands now the numerous visits Dixon has made to FSU have paid off, now they must continue to recruit the talented cover man like they have been in order to keep their spot at the top of the perch. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Ricardo and the rest of the 2009 recruiting class.

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