Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry #13

In this week's entry, Lonnie Pryor talks about the continuing stream of schools that are coming in to see him during spring practice, talks about a funny story with a coach from a school in the Big 12, and discusses some rumors that have been making the rounds on the internet.

Entry No. 13

A lot of coaches have been coming to see me this past week. I don't know if I can remember all of them, but Georgia, LSU, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Clemson and Southern Miss are the latest schools to pop in. It was nice to see Coach Lilly again. He was my recruiter when he was at FSU, but now he is the guy at Georgia who's coming after me. It was cool seeing Coach Lane from LSU at my practice.

Something funny happened with a coach from Kansas State. I was walking from my car after school when he came up to me and asked me if I knew where the coach's office was. I acted like a normal student, and said yeah and I'd take him there. While we were walking he asked me if I played football. I said I did, and he asked me if I was any good. I said yeah, I think I do okay. When we got to the office I introduced him to my coach. The guy from Kansas State told my coach that he was in the area and was told he needed to stop by my school because we had some good players. He asked my coach if there were any, and he said, "Well, you were just escorted here by one of the top running backs in the nation." The coach was like okay.

My coach showed him my highlight film and all, and after asked to use the restroom. On the wall we have a huge display of all my written offers, and on his way back he stopped, looked up, and was like oh my, Lonnie Pryor. I thought it was funny.

On Thursday some of my teammates and I went over to the Seminole reservation to speak to kids there about education and football. We just talked to them about how they need to keep their grades up, and that without them they won't be able to play football as they get older. They have their own football league and all, and they were asking us about playing in high school and all that. It was a good experience and pretty cool to do.

I have heard some stuff that I am holding out on FSU for several reasons. Honestly, I am pretty locked in there. One rumor I heard was that I haven't committed yet because I have concerns about the offense and I am waiting to see how they do this upcoming season. I have never said anything about that, and that is not the case. Like I have said before, I am going through the process.

My girlfriend finishes high school soon. She is going to hang out here for a year and go to RCC, which is a local community college. After that she is going to transfer to FSU. She says that even before she came here from Kentucky that is where she wanted to go.

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