Coach Trickett clicking with 4-star OL

Jonotthan Harrison came into the recruiting process favoring the Florida Gators, but since the process started he has begun to listen to what other schools are saying. Harrison has been visited by several coaches at his school. NoleDigest caught up with Jonotthan to get the latest on his recruitment and to see of the Seminoles are a team that has caught his attention at this time.

Jonotthan Harrison is a 4-star prospect on and comes in as the 7th ranked guard in the nation for the 2009 recruiting class. The versatile Harrison, who is 6'4" and 285 pounds, moves very well for his size and has played all 5 positions for his South Lake High team. Recruiting has gotten off to a solid start for Jonotthan.

"This past month has been busy. Most of my offers have come in since the evaluation period started. Schools like Miami, Florida State, Duke, South Florida and South Carolina have offered me. I am up to 13 now, and schools have been coming by to see me at practice. I can't remember them all, but the ones the past few days were Boston College and Troy."

Coming into the recruiting process Jonotthan favored the Florida Gators. It was his favorite tem growing up, and it is a school has visited on numerous occasions. While they may have the upper hand still at this time, schools are beginning to catch the interest of the talented lineman.

"I'm not going to lie, coming in Florida was a heavy favorite, and they have been recruiting me heavily for a while now. I have been to some big games there and have visited on numerous occasions. That is one of the main reasons why I like them. They tell me they want me to come, but I feel like if I go there, I may end up on the defensive side of the ball. While I still like them, since this process has started schools have been catching my attention. I am open to anything but I wont really know anything until I am able to visit these schools."

One of those schools that have begun to recruit Harrison heavily is Florida State. A conversation with Seminole offensive line coach Rick Trickett impressed Harrison, and it made him look at the Noles in a different light.

"Coach Rick Trickett came to see me at my school and watch me practice. While I couldn't talk to him, I was able to speak to him over the phone after the visit. We had a very good conversation that lasted about 40 minutes. He was telling me about the school, his history as a coach and what their need for linemen this year. We talked about my technique and me as a player. We covered pretty much everything in general; it was a great conversation. After talking to Coach Trickett I am more open to FSU. We clicked and I think he is down to earth."

Jonotthan told NoleDigest that the conversation was good enough that he wants to make a visit to FSU sometime soon. He says that school ends in a few weeks, and that it's possible that he'll visit in mid-June.

"I am definitely checking out FSU. Summer break starts in a few weeks, so I am looking at mid-June for a visit. I want to see how comfortable I am there, the campus and the team mentality. My mom was pushing me to Florida early, but she has opened up her mind, so that has helped. Just talking to Coach Trickett opened up my eyes some. Growing up a fan of Florida, I never really thought about looking at FSU. He was real with me and what he had to say about what would happen if I were to go there was interesting, He says there is a chance I could come in there and be a 4 year starter and develop into a draft pick."

Jonotthan says that he isn't sure when a decision will come, but he wants to make it before his season is over. He says the place where he is most comfortable will win out.

"Comfort is the main thing for me. I will be looking at these schools making sure I can be there for 4 years and that these programs are all going in positive directions. Next week I am going to sit down with my mom and my coaches and talk about a plan to make a decision. My coaches think I should wait it out some and go through the process, but sometime before the season I want to make the decision."

While Harrison still likes the Gators, it looks like the Seminoles are a school that is coming on hard at this time. Coach Trickett really likes Harrison as a player, and has made it known that he is one of his top targets for the 2009 recruiting class. If the visit in June goes well, this could be another in-state battle between the Noles and the Gators. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Jonotthan and the rest of the 2009 recruiting class.

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