Datko a hard-nosed player

Florida State is anxiously waiting for the arrival of incoming freshman Andrew Datko. In February, Coach Trickett said that Datko reminded him of New England Patriot Tackle Matt Light. NoleDigest recently had the opportunity to speak with Datko.

What is your current weight?

AD- I weigh 280lbs. I would like to be around 285-290 when I get to Florida State.

Have you had a chance to speak with Coach Trickett?

AD- The last time I spoke with him was at the Spring Game. He's been telling me to prepare for the first team. Right now, I'm second on the depth chart. I'll try my hardest to move up the chart.

What position will you start at?

AD- I'll be starting out at tackle. In high school I played every position on the line. Coach (Trickett) was pretty happy when I told him that.

When are you going to be arriving at FSU?

AD- I'm leaving here on June 20th. I'm counting down the days (laughs). I am working out every day by myself at school.

Does your sister still attend FSU?

AD- Yes. She's going to be a senior. It feels good having someone that you know close by. She's up here and can help me out if I ever need anything.

Do you have any goals personally for next year?

AD- I try to reach for the highest goal which would be to become a Freshman All-American. You saw last year with Rodney. If he could do it, I'm sure that I'll have the opportunity to do it as well.

Are you looking forward to learning from Rodney Hudson and Ryan McMahon?

AD- Yes, I am. I am looking forward to speaking with both of them. I understand that they are the only returning offensive lineman with experience. I want to ask them what helped them out the most.

Describe yourself as a player?

AD- I am a hard-nosed player. I give everything I have on every play. I enjoy blocking for a running back or quarterback so they can make a play. My strength would be my pass blocking. I didn't give up any sacks last season. I would like to get stronger so that I can handle those big defensive tackles. It will also give me a better push.

Datko at the Spring Game next to Rhonne Sanderson. Datko gave 0 sacks last year.

Are there any games that you are looking forward to this season?

AD- I would say Florida and Miami. I actually grew up a Florida fan but we had to make a change (laughs). A lot of my friends are Gator fans. Miami would be nice because that is my hometown.

Are you looking forward to working with Coach Trickett?

AD- Yes I am. Some people tell me he's a hard coach and I probably will not like him but he's trying to make me a better player. He's trying to get you to the next level.

Bonus on Datko- He graduates tomorrow (Tuesday). He's not sure what number he will be wearing. He currently benches over 300lbs and squats 500lbs. He's leaning heavily towards majoring in Finance.

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