Florida State still after McAllister

Demonte McAllister's recruitment took a weird turn last month. After being a long-time fan of FSU and a heavy lean, he shocked those by stating that UF was his new leader and a commitment was imminent. After backing off that statement McAllister has remained quiet in regards to his recruitment, but NoleDigest was able to get the latest with him & to see exactly where the Noles stand at this time.

While Demonte McAllister is rated at the 9th best defensive end in the nation, Florida State has looked at him as a defensive tackle on the next level. The talented Alonso High standout has long been a fan of the Seminoles, so when they offered him earlier this year it looked like he was set to become a Seminole signee in 2009.

Since the initial conversation with McAllister in February some things have changed in terms of Demonte's recruitment. He had the much publicized update about him wanting to become a Gator, and he has had some fans up in arms over his constantly changing MySpace page. Demonte talked to NoleDigest about what's been going on, and he says it isn't quite what it looks like.

"Recruiting has been a pain. All of these coaches have been coming through to see me at practice, and it has been a little bit of a headache taking in all these calls. Clemson and North Carolina were here today (Tuesday), and a few more coaches will be coming to see me later this week."

"Earlier this year when we talked I was at 10 offers. That total is up to 21 now, with the latest ones being Notre Dame, North Carolina, Clemson and West Virginia. It's been kind of crazy."

Early on Demonte made it crystal clear that the Seminoles were the prohibitive favorite to land his signature come Signing Day. He says with all of the other programs offering him scholarships, he has become a little more open to going through the process. He was also quick to reaffirm that the Seminoles are still high on his list.

"The thing with Florida got blown way out of proportion. I like the coaching staff there and it is close to home, but I never was going to commit to them when that came out. While I am pretty open to the process FSU is still way up there on my list. I have always liked them and the people there are awesome. I had fun up there when I went on my visit."

"FSU has come to see me and they are going to be here Thursday for my spring game. Coach Dawsey was the coach who came to see me. While he couldn't say too much to me he said later on the phone that I looked really good and that my footwork had gotten better. I talk to Coach Odell Haggins all the time still. I called him to pay my respects after his mom passed and gave him some space after that. We have a great relationship. He always tells me how they need help on the line there. He will be coming Thursday too with Coach Dawsey."

Demonte is looking to trim his list on Friday. He isn't sure exactly who is going to be on the list, but listening to him talk he gives a hint that Florida State, Florida and Southern Cal will be in his top 5.

"I wanted to get my list to a top 5 after Friday. I don't know yet you'll be in it, and I am just trying to take it step by step. I know FSU will be in the top 5, and USC probably will be too. The offer from them means a lot. I am a fan of there's but not a big fan. It is a good program right now and I want to get out there and take a visit. They are coming to see me for my game too, so that'll be the first time I've met them in person."

It looks like McAllister's recruitment is far from over. The recruiting process can be a confusing and trying time for these recruits, and it seems as though that is the case with Demonte at this time. He has not made any plans for the summer other than camping at Florida State, but look for his recruitment to go into the fall if he does decide to go through the entire process. If not, it is still feasible that fans of FSU will see McAllister be the early commitment they once thought he'd be.

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Demonte and the rest of the 2009 recruiting class.

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