Alexander ready to make things happen

While the recruitment of A.J. Alexander wasn't fun to follow, the end result was great for Florida State fans. The versatile Pennsylvania athlete will be coming to Florida State in a month, and he couldn't be more excited. NoleDigest spoke to A.J. to talk about what he's been up to lately and to talk about his expectations heading into his first year of college football.

Fans who follow recruiting know the amusement park ride that A.J. Alexander's recruitment was. After de-committing from FSU, to making brief commitment to Pittsburg, and then recommitting to FSU in January, Alexander took his time to make sure that FSU is where he wants to be. Now that he has been signed for 3 months, Alexander has turned his attention to getting ready to come to Tallahassee in June.

"I've just been getting ready, man. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am really excited to get out of here and see some normal weather. It is May and it is 50 degrees here. It's terrible. I am ready to get out of here and start the next part of my life."

Alexander made his name by being one of the most dynamic athletes in the 2008 class. He may be one of the fastest kids in the nation, and he has always excelled in track. Speed is apart of his game, and the spring sport always played a part. Due to some unfortunate events, Alexander wasn't able to finish off his last year of track the way he wanted.

"Like we talked before, the thing that went down with track wasn't right. I had this class that I was taking. Really it wasn't a class; it was more like running passes for guidance. I was turning that in for community service hours. My principal was fine with it all year, and it was going fine. Then right before Penn Relays, something I've been waiting for a long time, he tells me that I wasn't able to participate anymore. I didn't think it all added up because other kids were doing the same thing I was doing. I'm just ready to get out of here, you know." had A.J. listed as the 27th best wide receiver in the nation, but the coaches at FSU are looking at him at a different position. He has been working hard getting ready to go.

"I am coming in as a defensive back. It is cool with me. I have been in contact with Coach Trickett and he's been telling me I need to be ready to go when I get there. The coaches have said that I may get some looks on the offensive side too, and that I definitely will be apart of the kick and punt return teams. I just want to come in and play and contribute to my team."

"All I have been doing since track ended is work out. I have been eating a lot of wings (laughs) trying to add weight. It's been a while since I weighed myself but I think I am at 185 pounds now. Coach Trickett didn't give me a target weight or anything, so I've just been trying to add it on so I can get ready for college football."

Like many incoming freshmen Alexander has goals that he hopes to achieve. From scoring a ton of touchdowns to winning championships, Alexander's goals run the gamut. He told NoleDigest that he plans on helping FSU get back to where they used to be.

"I get to FSU the 21st. I want to get in there and get going because I plan on scoring a lot of touchdowns. Winning is 1st and foremost. Sure I'd like to be an All-American as a freshman and score a lot, but I want to make sure we win next year. I feel like my class is going to be able to come in and make things happen. Then you look at the 2009 class and you can see that FSU is doing their thing. It is an exciting time. I talk to E.J. Manuel, Avis Commack, both Nigel's and my roommate Ed Imeokparia, and we are all ready."

A.J. really doesn't say a lot when you talk to him. He is a quiet guy, and he is just sitting back waiting for the next step in his life. He had this message to say to the fans.

"Tell the fans that I am excited and ready to get down there and play. I am ready and we are going to turn things around at FSU."

Other Randoms on A.J. Alexander

A.J. wants any single digit, but he will take any number that is below 40.

A.J. has been qualified since last year.

A.J. has 2 tattoos, and his sister is telling him he needs to tattoo her name on his arm so she can see her name when he is on national television.

Look for Alexander's family to possibly move to Tallahassee when his sister graduates in 2 years. He has a much younger brother, too, who is in the 3rd grade.

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