Will Faircloth be enrolling in the summer?

Garrett Faircloth is one of the six offensive line commitments for Florida State's 2008 recruiting class. Before Signing Day there was talk that Faircloth would be a greyshirt, meaning he would come in in January. NoleDigest caught up with Garrett to see what he's been up to since he signed and to see when in fact he will be coming to Florida State.

Garrett Faircloth committed to Central Florida early on in his recruiting process, but when other programs began recruiting him he decided to reopen up his recruitment to see if the Knights were his best fit. After taking numerous visits to schools like Vanderbilt and Ole Miss, Faircloth decided that Florida State was the best fit for him. As soon as his name came on the Noles' radar he was tagged as a guy who'd take a greyshirt and delay his enrollment until January. As it stands right now, that is up in the air.

"I am planning on coming to Florida State June 21st. I am not sure if I'm going to be taking a greyshirt or not. I think the plan is for some of us to come in and go through the summer and all and be evaluated by the coaches. I think they're going to pick and choose who they want to stay and who'll take the greyshirt. I've been working hard and I am going to compete and be ready for whatever happens."

The attrition the Seminoles have experienced this off-season has led to the possible change of plans for Faircloth. With Daron Rose having to go to a Junior College, the need for another tackle is paramount. Garrett has spoken to Rick Trickett about the needs the team has, saying that Trickett has told him to come in and be ready.

"I've stayed in contact with coach Trickett since I signed. He's been checking on me, making sure I stay on top of things. He told me they might be bringing in an extra guy in this class and said that I need to come in in-shape and ready. That is pretty much what I've been doing over the past 3 months."

Garrett graduated from the Bolles School recently and is back in Georgia waiting to get to Florida State next month. He says that he's been working hard on the weightroom and has used the strength program the coaches gave him to ensure that he is ready to compete upon his arrival.

"I've been working out pretty hard. I got my grades and graduated from Bolles, so that was exciting. I've put on 15 pounds of good weight and now I am up to 285. I've been using the protein shakes and lifting hard. The coaches wanted me to try to do more then what they sent me, so that is what I've been doing. I've really been stressing the squats and have gotten faster from it. I think I have been able to develop a good burst."

Whether or not Garrett takes a greyshirt is up to him. If he works hard and competes there is a good chance that he may be on the team in the fall. Garrett looks at it as though no matter what happens it is a win-win situation.

"I really don't have a preference of what happens. I want to play and compete, but if they feel like greyshirting me its beneficial too. Either I'll be a Seminole playing in the fall, or I will have the extra time to continue to mature and prepare to be ready when I come."

"I'm just ready to go. I've graduated and now its time to start the next phase of my life. I'm really excited, but also I'm nervous. I know what to expect when I get there but now I have to go in there and do it."

Besides living the dream of playing college football Garrett is excited that his parents will get a chance to see him play on the next level. Going though the process he didn't want distance to play a role, but as it went on he knew it would be.

"I'm definitely excited that my parents will get a chance to see me play in college. They wanted me to go to FSU, so they are happy. Its 3 hours away so they can come see me play. I like how it's close enough to go home when I want, but also it's far enough to get away. I didn't want distance to play a factor, but as I went through it I knew it was going to be. FSU is just the perfect place for me."

Other Random Things on Garrett: He says his roommate is going to be Blake Snider He is originally from Brunswick, Ga. Garrett has been in touch with most of the recruits, and is ready to turn it around at FSU. Look for Garrett to play right tackle.

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