Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry #14

In this week's diary entry Lonnie Pryor talks about his spring game and how he felt he did. Two coaches came to see him play, and he talked about them coming to see him play. Also, he talks about summer plans and who he plans on camping with during the summer. This feature can only be found on NoleDigest.

Entry No. 14

This past week we had our spring game. It was a good experience for me. The whole week we were going hard at each other, so we knew the game would be good. When we took one of their best players, I knew we'd win. They were beating us all week until then. They took a corner and we took a wide out. The other team was crying about losing but it's all good.

I also played some free safety during the scrimmage. I don't want to play it in college, but I don't mind playing it in high school. I like coming up and tackling the guy and all. It's something that I am not really looking to do past high school.

Two college coaches came to see me play which was really cool. Coach Coley and Coach Scott from Clemson were the ones who came to see me. When I saw them out there it really wanted me to play harder and show out for them. I wanted to do that in front of everyone, but with them there I wanted to more. After the game I shook their hands and thanked them for coming to see me. That meant something that they came to see me.

The week leading up to the game Coach Carter from Florida, Coach Porter from LSU, Georgia, Rutgers, Tennessee and USF were some of the coaches and schools that came to see me. Georgia also came down and wanted me to come up for their camp. Rutgers I am not really interested in so I don't think I'll go visit them. As it stands right now I plan on camping at FSU, Florida, LSU, Clemson and Georgia. With FSU I'll most likely go to their Seminole Showtime.

Now that spring football is over I am going to take a little break. We have 2 weeks of school left so I am getting ready for exams. School's been going good. Since I have good grades and great attendance I get to take home all of my exams, so I am not too worried about them.

In two weeks we start our weight training for the summer. It'll be going through the entire summer; that is why I feel like I'll be able to get to 205 before the season starts. I may have to get a summer job so I'll be busy with that and football. That should be okay.

My girlfriend and I broke up for good. We had this class day where the seniors hand over the keys to the juniors. There was this girl that everyone was watching to some belly dancing. My girlfriend didn't like it and accused me of some things that didn't happen. It was stupid stuff but it's for the best.

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