Coach's Corner: James Coley

Today we speak with Tight End Coach and Recruiting Coordinator James Coley. We bring this new segment to NoleDigest readers so they can get a better understanding of what happens on the football field. Here is our first look at what coaches look for on Saturday afternoons or on the practice field.

Coach Coley: When opposing defenses line up in press coverage what is the quarterbacks job if you have a pass play called. Are there certain plays that will work better then others?

With our system against press our route concepts is to win one on ones. If a certain guy is responsible for that one on one they must win that battle. You teach a quarterback to find tendencies for what a defense is trying to do. So if you have a zero blitz and we pick it up there is always a designated guy that is going to be the go to guy. It does not always matter if it is the x or y receiver. It's up to the quarterback to realize what the defense is doing. If the defense disguises certain press coverage's it is up to the quarterback to pick up tendencies. Coach Fisher does a great job of teaching tendencies all the way back to his days at Auburn. Saturdays become easier because of the job Coach Fisher does during the week.

Coach Coley: You hear all the time terms like Cover-1, Cover-2, and Cover-3. What is the difference among the three defensive schemes and are there certain plays that are better suited to beat each one of those defenses then others.

You can break down coverage's into two families, open middle and closed middle. Open middle is (0-Coverage, Cover-2 and Cover-4) - Zero coverage is something that is not often called. Blitz coverage which is state 0 coverage. Blitz coverage means there is no safety. Everyone is covering in man. Somehow there are six guys coming from the defense. Cover-2 is two high safeties. They are going to split the field in halves. Cover-4 is where the two corners and two safeties divide the field in four quarters. When you hear Tampa-2 and a lot of college coaches use it. This is where teams are vulnerable down the middle of the field. The best way to beat this defense is to use a tight end down the seam route. You can also teach your receivers to beat this defense with skinny post. What a defense will do to defend this issue is have the MIKE the linebacker drop back into the seams to take away those routes. A quarterback must recognize that the linebacker is doing this. Closed middle is all coverage's where the safeties are involved. (Cover-1, Cover-3 and some people call it Cover-6). Cover three relies on the free safety in the middle of the field. The Cover-6 is where the strong safety in the middle of the middle of the field.

Quarterbacks must know those three concepts because in play x if the quarterback has open middle there is a particular concept, if he gets closed middle there is another concept, then there is blitz coverage the quarterback works his blitz beater.

Every play that we have has beater concepts for each of these coverage's. Most of these concepts are figured out pre-snap. If you do a good job of understanding your opponent that week the quarterback needs to know what the defense in as the football hits his hands.

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