Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry #15

In this week's diary entry Lonnie Pryor talks about his summer plans and the schools he plans on visiting. This past week he spoke to some of the coaches from the school he is considering, as well as his thoughts on what he'll expect during the off-season.

Entry No. 15

I'm officially a senior now. I finished up school strong like I wanted. I didn't have to go to school this past week because of my attendance and my grades. It's going to be a big year for me, so I am excited.

This week I talked to a bunch of coaches. I talked to Coach Drayton from Tennessee. He was telling me how he can't wait to see me at camp this summer. I spoke to Coach Scott from Clemson about their camp, and I spoke to Coach Porter and Coach Lane from LSU. I wanted to say high to them and I talked about camp with them too. This week I plan on calling up Coach Fisher. I haven't really called anyone this month because of spring (football) and everything.

My coach was telling me about the diary from last week about my girlfriend. I was laughing about some of the comments people were leaving like the one about the Cowgirls. We were just going over them laughing about it. He was like oh my, and I was just getting a kick out of it.

Last weekend I went out with some friends and saw that movie The Strangers. Man that is a scary movie, especially with it being based off a true story. It was packed and people were yelling in the theatre. If you like scary movies I think you should go see it.

Pretty much nothing has been going on except that I've been hanging out with friends. We just started our team weightlifting program so I've been staying in the weightroom. All this week that's what I plan on doing. On June 17th I start my summer job. One of my coaches has a summer camp so I am going to be a camp counselor. I was looking at working at U-Save or Winn-Dixie, but I talked to my dad about doing that. He was cool with it so I am excited about it.

I'm probably going to be visitng FSU twice this summer. One is most likely going to be for Seminole Showtime, and the other is because my close friend, a guy I consider my brother, wants to go there to school. He is going to make a visit up there so I plan on going with him. Other than that it's going to be camps and working out for me all summer.

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