Debose has his Top 8

Earlier in the year Andre Debose's film made him one of the hottest prospects in the nation, leading to rank him as the 5th best wide receiver this year. Heading into the summer Debose is approaching 40 offers and hopes to get a chance to visit some of the schools he is considering. NoleDigest spoke to Andre to see if FSU is one of the schools he plans on visiting before the fall.

Andre Debose is one of the top playmakers in the nation for the 2009 recruiting class. Not many plays have the acceleration and explosion that Debose has with the ball in his hands. His ability to make plays and put the ball in the end zone has led to most of the top programs in the nation offering him a scholarship. With spring over and a busy summer schedule on the horizon Debose is just soaking it all in before he starts taking unofficials.

"Everything is going good right now," said Debose. "I don't have any new offers, but I don't think I can really get much more. I have at least 35 so I am pretty hay with it. I've just been relaxing and trying to recover from my hip injury from track. I strained my hip flexor which caused me to miss the most of spring, but it was nothing major. Right now I am thinking about getting it down to a top 7 or 8 schools. I have it pretty much trimmed but I am not ready to let it out yet. I just want to make sure it's the right thing to do."

Florida State has been pursuing Andre very heavily since the 2009 recruiting process began. Florida State was one of Andre's favorites as a kid, and after a great visit to FSU for their spring game, they became one of the schools that stood out. Andre told NoleDigest that FSU is one of the schools recruiting him the hardest and says the coaches have stayed in contact with him since his visit.

"I'd have to say the Big 3 is recruiting me the hardest. Florida State is definitely one of the schools I will be looking at and they're going to be in there. Coach Trickett has stayed in touch with me pretty much. He's just been checking in and seeing what's been going on. I already know how much they want me. I'm planning on making a visit there this summer. My dad is the one handling all of that (scheduling the visits) so I'm not sure what the plans are."

"Coach Trickett and Coach Fisher were two of the many coaches that came and saw me during the spring. Even though I didn't get to participate it felt good that they came to see me. Coach Fisher reaffirmed to me over the phone after that I'm the top playmaking target on their board."

Andre is still pretty open at this time, but with his top 8 being held close to the vest some wonder if there are any clues as to who are among that list. He says he plans on making some trips to out-of-state schools, but states it doesn't mean they're at the top of his list.

"I'm planning on making some visits to schools that aren't in Florida. I've been to FSU, Florida and Miami and I can go there whenever really, so I want to make sure I get out to California to see USC, and I want to make sure I get to Tennessee and North Carolina to see the schools there. USC is looking at me as a running back, but it doesn't matter to me where I play. These are just schools I want to see because I don't plan on doing any camps. I just want to make sure I make as many unofficial visits as possible."

Andre has been hitting the weightroom hard since he had to sit out the spring. He says he is a solid 180 pounds now and hopes to make it to 185 before the season starts. Nothing has really changed in what he is looking for in a school, but he did have something peculiar to say regarding the "Seminole Trio".

"Seeing all of these schools come to see me during the spring hasn't really changed what I am looking for in a school. I still want a good education and a chance to play really early. As far as Ray Ray (Armstrong), Dyron (Dye) and myself going to the same school, we have kind of backed off of that a little bit. We like some schools and all, but for me I'm not really thinking about it too much. Right now it is about me relaxing and sitting back."

Florida State has a good chance as any to land the ubber talented Debose. The recruitment of Andre will clear up when he puts out his top 8, but expect the Noles to be there until the end. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Andre, as well as the rest of the 2009 recruiting class.

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