Coach's Corner: James Coley

Tight end coach and recruiting coordinator James Coley breaks down what zone blitzing means & the coaching vs. players debate.

Coach Coley: Zone Blitzing has become big both in the professional and college ranks. Are there certain teams that you play which incorporate this type of scheme more then others? If you do play a team that plays this scheme a lot, is there ways to beat this defense and make big plays?

Every team now Zone Blitzes. It's called a fire-zone. Fire zone is a pressure where you use five guys but disguise the blitz as six guys. They use the 6th guy to fire out in that zone. Usually this comes from a defense end in the flat or hook area. Fire-zone comes down to five guys. Fire-zone usually is played with closed middle coverage.

Coach Coley: How much of a teams success comes from coaching and how much comes from the players you put on the field?

Its all about the Jimmies and Joes. It's always been about the players and it always will be. You can only coach a player up so much. You don't put a donkey in the Kentucky Derby. It's all about the thoroughbreds. You have to have the highest caliber types of players. Now developing those top end players that's where coaching comes in. Strength conditioning, technique come into the equation. You must also have good schemes. When I was in the NFL the LSU guys knew football because of Jimbo because they knew schemes. When those top end guys understand the game, then you have a team that is dominant.

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