Redshirt vs. No Redshirt

Florida State's top 10 class is set to report this coming Saturday. As the Seminoles continue to turn things around with the class they brought in for 2008, they'll be planning on leaning on some of the true freshman this coming season. NoleDigest looks at the incoming class and gives their projection for each recruit as to if they're going to redshirt in the fall.

Florida State's top 10 class was a great coup for the Noles. They signed playmakers at several positions and have guys coming in that are ready to play immediately. Unfortunately not every freshman will see the field early, as some will be resisting this upcoming fall. NoleDigest looked at each player and determined if why they think they may or may not redshirt in 2008.

Bo Reliford:

McKinley Rolle: No Redshirt. Absolutely no chance that Reliford redshirts unless he gets hurt. In fact he could possibly be FSU's starting TE from Game 1.

Nate Greer: No Redshirt. Bo is going to be the best receiving tight end the Seminoles have had since Brandon Warren in 2006. Could be a big surprise for the Noles.

Jarmon Fortson:

MR: No Redshirt. Fortson will upgrade the talent at the WR position. He's a big body that can move and will be a tough match-up for any defender.

NG: No Redshirt: Jarmon has the size and speed to be a contributor for FSU. Look for him to see the field a ton early as Parker and Goodman sit out.

Jermaine Thomas:

MR: No Redshirt. FSU will finally have some depth at the RB position. Thomas is a football player with track speed and athleticism.

NG: No Redshirt. Jermaine is a college ready athlete who may see the field at running back, slot, and as a returner. Jermaine is one of the top playmakers FSU has coming in.

Ed Imeokparia:

MR: Redshirt. Jamie Robinson and Darius McClure will take majority of the reps. Imeokparia could possibly play on special teams if he does play.

NG: Redshirt: Ed Imeokparia's position is not set yet. The depth at corner means he'll sit. If the injuries are a concern, Ed may see time as a safety.

Carlton "Ty" Jones:

MR: Redshirt. FSU will have 4 RB's in Antone Smith, Tavares Pressley, Brandon Paul and Jermaine Thomas. Jones will have to make a statement in pre-season camp.

NG: Redshirt: Smith and Pressley will tote the rock the most. Brandon Paul showed in the spring he can be a guy who can be a playmaker. No need to waste a season for Jones.

Blake Snider*:
MR: Redshirt. If Snider does not greyshirt then he will redshirt.

NG: Redshirt: Maybe a greyshirt. Summer workouts and fall camp will decide it.

Rhonne Sanderson:

MR: No Redshirt. One of the four possibly five incoming freshman lineman that will be starting his career on the 2nd team offensive line.

NG: No Redshirt: In my opinion Sanderson will come in 2nd team and play a lot of minutes.

A.J. Alexander:

MR: No Redshirt. Alexander can help on special teams or possibly play a role in nickel or dime coverages.

NG: No Redshirt: Alexander will be a special teams player from day 1 at FSU. He'll make an impact as a corner down the road.

Josh Gehres*:

MR: Greyshirt.

NG: Greyshirt.

Garrett Faircloth*:

MR: No Redshirt. If Faircloth is on campus and enrolled this summer at FSU he will be playing this season.

NG: Redshirt: I think this is going to be 50/50. I feel in the end Faircloth sits for the year.

Zebrie Sanders:

MR: No Redshirt. Highly regarded freshman that will be expected to play early.

NG: No Redshirt: Sanders is a guy FSU needs to come in ready. He is very important to the success of the line.

Vincent Williams:

MR: No Redshirt. Will be a contributor on special teams.

NG: No Redshirt. Special teams player and a guy who'll see reps during the suspensions.

Markus White:

MR: No Redshirt. White will make a strong push for a starting position at DE.

NG: No Redshirt: I think White is starting my mid-season.

David Spurlock:

MR: No Redshirt. Spurlock is an aggressive player that fits Coach Trickett's style of play.

NG: No Redshirt: Spurlock could be a guy who finds a lot of success as a freshman. Aggressive, hard-nosed and a smart player.

Tavares Pressley:

MR: No Redshirt. He will help take some of the load off of Antone Smith's shoulders and will be able to run between the tackles as well.

NG: No Redshirt: Pressley is going to push Antone. When he gets the offense down, it is very possible he'll take carries away from Smith. This will be an excellent 1-2 punch for the Noles.

Everett Dawkins:

MR: Redshirt. Dawkins has the ability to play right away but he still has to continue developing.

NG: Redshirt: Dawkins skill set is college ready, but his body isn't. There is a possibility that he could play, but it's best that he takes a year to get bigger.

Andrew Datko:

MR: No Redshirt. Datko could be the most fundamentally sound lineman on the team outside of Hudson.

NG: No Redshirt: Good player from a good program. Datko could be a starter game 1 for FSU.

Corey Surrency:

MR: No Redshirt. Surrency is another weapon in Coach Fisher's offense that will be making plays this fall.

NG: No Redshirt: Surrency is a major weapon coming to FSU in the fall. No chance at a redshirt. Could be one of FSU's top playmakers by the end of the year.

Toshmon Stevens:

MR: Redshirt. Stevens has good quickness but he needs to continue getting stronger and bigger.

NG: Redshirt: Stevens needs to add weight. Size is the only thing missing from his game.

Terrance Parks:

MR: No Redshirt. Parks will be adding talent & depth to the cornerback position. He will also play special teams.

NG: No Redshirt: The early enrollee will see most of his time on special teams early, but by the end of the year I think he'll be huge for the Noles.

E.J. Manuel:

MR: No Redshirt. E.J. will try to make things interesting this fall. Gut says he will play and head says he will redshirt.

NG: No Redshirt: This is something fans need to keep their eyes on.

Avis Commack:

MR: Redshirt. Commack is a talented player but there are plenty of players in front of him. Also needs to add strength.

NG: Redshirt: Commack is a good prospect, but he needs to add weight to be effective on this level.

Ja'Baris Little:

MR: No Redshirt. Little will play because of the lack of depth early in the season.

NG: No Redshirt: As it stands right now there is nothing really in terms of depth at TE. No shot at redshirting.

Moses McCray:

MR: No Redshirt. Moses will help the defensive line early because of the lack of players at the defensive tackle position.

NG: No Redshirt. Suspensions + lack of depth = immediate PT for McCray.

Nigel Bradham:

MR: No Redshirt. Bradham is one of the most physically impressive players on the team. He is a real talent.

NG: No Redshirt: Bradham is as college ready as anyone in this class. He is physical, fast and hungry.

Nigel Carr:

MR: No Redshirt. Despite competing at a deep linebacker position. Carr is too talented to keep on the sidelines.

NG: No Redshirt: Carr's position is loaded, but the suspensions, added to his ability as a player, look for Nigel to play a lot as a freshman.

Nick Moody:

MR: Redshirt. Moody will have to gain experience this year to prepare for the future but he will not be ready this season.

NG: No Redshirt. I don't see how it's feasible that he'll sit as a freshman.

Anthony Hill*:

MR: Greyshirt

NG: Greyshirt

*-Possible Greyshirt

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