Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry

In this week's diary entry, Lonnie Pryor talks about the camps (Bishop D and UF) he has been to recently and the coaches he has been talking to, as well what he and his family did for Father's Day last week. This feature can only be found on NoleDigest.

Entry No. 16

I've been doing some camps recently. I went to the Bishop D. Passing Clinic last week. It's a four day camp. Last year I went as a free safety, but this year I went as a running back. I was killing those guys. Man, I was killing his team. Every time I beat one of them I looked over at Tony and laughed. It was a lot of fun because it was 1-on-1 a lot. I had a really good time there. The last 2 days we had 7-on-7. My team went undefeated so that was kinda cool.

I went up to Florida for their camp. I didn't participate as it was more a visit type deal. My friend went with me; every time we get together we kind of act stupid and have fun. Coach Carter from there (he's the new running back coach) wanted me to come up for a visit and see things. I wasn't really expecting anything out of the visit as I was just going there to visit and get to know Coach Carter.

The visit itself was okay. I got sick so I don't know if God is telling me I shouldn't be going there. I got a chance to see the campus for the first time. I didn't know it was that big. I spent time with Coach Carter as he showed me around, and I spent time with Urban Meyer. He was telling me how I am a space player and that's what they want to do…get me out in space. We watched film and he was saying I could be used like Percy Harvin. It was cool and all, but they are still third on my list behind FSU and LSU. I doubt I will take an official there. I may go up to watch a game, but right now I don't have any plans to visit officially.

I spoke to Coach Fisher and Coach Coley this week too. It was a really good conversation. Coach Fisher was telling me that I shouldn't get discouraged and that they want me as a running back only. When they found out about me was when Tony P. first saw me at a camp last year as a free safety, so that's what they initially came at me as. I told them I played running back too, and sent them my film. Coach Fisher was telling me how he thinks the season is going to go and that if they got me as running back they'd be done with the position. Coach Coley told me that I was a very important recruit for them and that I am an impact guy. It made me feel really good talking to them. After that I had a long conversation with my coach about it.

I have to LSU camp coming up soon. I'm not sure about the details because my coach is taking care of that. He just had a baby so I am not really sure what's up with that. When I see him I will the schedule down and all of that. I also have Seminole Showtime coming up too. A linebacker from my team may be going up with me.

Father's Day was cool. My dad wanted to paint my room so that's what we did. We were sitting there painting and was going all over the trimming and everything. It was really funny seeing it. I laughed watching him paint everywhere. After that he decided to paint my sister's doors pink. It was what he wanted to do so I think he had a good time.

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